It’s a Fringe-y Festival So Far!

The Reviews Are Rolling In

Find reviews of (top to bottom, left to right) Distractingly Sexy, Interstellar Elder, Disengaged, and Cañete Chroñicles and more on the Georgia Straight!

Distractingly Sexy, Interstellar Elder, Disengaged, The Cañete Chroñicles, and more are being previewed and reviewed over at the Georgia Straight!

With 100 shows at the Fringe this year, it can be hard to make decisions on what to see. But don’t worry—the critics are hard at work! Not only can you search for reviews from the shows that have been travelling the Fringe circuit across Canada, but there are plenty of fresh Vancouver-based reviews too.

The Georgia Straight sent esteemed critic, Kathleen Oliver over to the Victoria Fringe to catch the shows that were coming to Vancouver and published these in last Thursday’s edition. Andrea Warner has joined Kathleen to review shows in Vancouver and while these will be in the September 14 issue of the Straight, they’re publishing reviews online on a daily basis! Visit their website to check out reviews, plus feature stories on female focused science shows, standups testing out the Fringe, and on the Big Rock Brewery Fringe Bar.

Want more reviews? Check out Vancouver Presents. Contributing Editor Mark Robins is reviewing shows in addition to his annual #FringeDuJour feature—interviews with Fringe artists in the 30 days leading up to the Festival. Mark is also doing a series of Facebook Live videos! He was down at the Georgia Straight Fringe-for-All and he’s interviewed Fringe Fanatics Elaine and Russ (who also review shows on their blog).

We tweet reviews as we find them, so be sure to follow along at Twitter.com/VancouverFringe.

Due to “The Grand Power Outage of 2017,” we’re Adding Performances!

Ingrid Hansen of Interstellar Elder holds the balloon culprit to the “The Grand Power Outage of 2017”.

Ingrid Hansen of Interstellar Elder holds the balloon culprit to the “The Grand Power Outage of 2017.”

The Vancouver Fringe Festival opened last Thursday with a flash and a bang—literally. Eye witnesses, including Executive Director David Jordan’s wife and Fringe Artist Travis Bernhardt’s friend Simon Huffey, reported that a child’s foil helium birthday balloon flew straight into Granville Island hydro wires resulting in a “big flash” and total darkness at the Revue Stage, Carousel, and Waterfront Theatre. What has now been named “The Grand Power Outage of 2017,” resulted in the cancellation of four shows. Chris & Travis (in true Chris & Travis fashion) had an improv moment, deciding to perform their show out on the lawn of Carousel Theatre using audience iPhone flashlights for lighting.

Was one of your shows cancelled? Have no fear! The Fringe has added performances to make up for the Grand Power Outage of 2017! Interstellar Elder’s additional show will play on Thursday, September 14 at 10:30pm at the Waterfront Theatre. A David Lynch Wet Dream has added a show on Saturday, September 16 at 11:00pm at the Revue Stage. And Gigantic Lying Mouth has been added on Sunday, September 17 at 9:45pm at the Revue Stage. Tickets are already live!

So now that you’ve gotten a second chance at seeing these shows, book them before they’re sold out! On our website or at the Box Office.

Zoom Around the Island—Car Free!

Bypass the traffic (and the parking fees) with our two wheeled, gas-free friend Mobi Bikes! The Vancouver Fringe Festival has partnered with Mobi Bikes so you can get where you want to go—faster and cheaper! We’re offering 20% off 365 Day Passes. Just use the Promo Code fringe2017s for a 365 Day Standard Pass and fringe2017p for a 365 Day Plus Pass!

Coming Up at the Fringe Bar

The Fringe Bar is bursting with new music and local acts every night of the Fringe! We’ve partnered with BeatRoute Magazine, Western Canada’s indie arts and entertainment monthly to bring you insider info on the bands playing at the Big Rock Brewery Fringe Bar. Here’s the latest for the Tuesday, September 12 and Wednesday, September 13 performances:

Have you ever been drawn to the stage at karaoke night, only to be disillusioned by the impersonal nature of a DJ hitting “play” on a tinny instrumental version of your favourite song? Do you drift into dreams each night of standing alongside your own personal band, ready to provide supporting music for whichever tune has been stuck in your head all day? Dream no more, because Vancouver Fringe Festival has you covered. On September 12, Vancouver-based pop-rock band eleven09 is bringing audience interactivity to a new level by providing beachy, guitar-fuelled instrumental covers for karaoke night.

Karaoke has never been so personalized. Armed with knowledge and experience in covering classics and contemporary hits alike, eleven09 has your back whether you’re the next Johnny Cash, Nina Simone, Gnarls Barkley, or even Biggie Smalls (seriously, their covers span all of these artists and more). And if your favourite song is “She Will Be Loved,” but you just can’t reach the altitudes of Adam Levine’s sweet serenade, fear not–they’ll even adjust the song to match your pitch. What laptop can do that?

Wednesdays are full of promise–you’re halfway through the week! Nicknames like “hump day” aren’t given out to just any old weekday, you know. And this Wednesday will be particularly sweet, thanks to the hazy, haunting vocals and folky guitar stylings of Ashley Shadow. While she may be new to the Vancouver music scene by this alias, Shadow knows what she’s doing. Before starting the solo project called Ashley Shadow, Webber (her real last name) had various supporting roles within the industry. She got her start in the early 2000s and has since performed with twin sister Amber’s group Lightning Dust, played bass in post-punk band The Organ, and collaborated with Bonnie “Prince” Billy. So it’s no surprise that her first solo endeavour sounds so polished and refined while remaining heartfelt and authentic. Her lyrics touch on experience, and many songs centre around themes of female empowerment.

Ashley Shadow follows Parkland and precedes DJ Penny Tentiary from Red Cat Records. Just another reason to love Wednesdays.

You can catch these acts and more at the Big Rock Brewery Fringe Bar located at Ocean Art Works at 1531 Johnston Street on Granville Island! We’re open Monday to Friday 6pm till late and Saturday and Sundays 1pm till late. Come say hi!

Eating and Drinking at the Festival

Visit the Kaboom Box for local, Oceanwise seafood select days outside the Fringe Bar! Photo by Mike Vlasman.

Visit the Kaboom Box for local, Oceanwise seafood select days outside the Fringe Bar! Photo by Mike Vlasman.

Today is already Day Six of the Vancouver Fringe Festival! In all of your show-going madness have you taken advantage of the great food and drinks available from the Food Trucks and at the Big Rock Brewery Fringe Bar? Why haven’t you?

What’s great about our Food Trucks is that they open after all the other shops on Granville Island have closed. And we have something for everyone! Want a pie? We have two kinds—the meat and gravy kind from Aussie Pie Guy and the cheese-y pizza kind from Community Pizzeria and Urban Wood Fired Pizza. Vegetarian? Kaboom Box and Meet2Eat have got your back. Craving something classic? We’ve got Big Dogs Burger Bus and Melt City Grilled Cheese. And if you don’t like eating with your hands, we’re serving up Island Time and Super Thai just for you. Our Food Trucks are located in front of the Big Rock Brewery Fringe Bar, located at Ocean Art Works! There are different Food Trucks every night. Check the Daily Fresh Sheet for info.

After you’ve grabbed a bite to eat, head on into the Fringe Bar for drinks! We’re serving a spread of Big Rock Brewery beer, Road 13 wine, XFour Vodka coolers, and Sons of Vancouver liquor. And if you’re under the age of 19, Rise Kombucha! If you’re too overwhelmed by the choices we’d recommend the Fringe Amber Ale. It’s a full bodied, lightly sweet, honey ale created by Brian Paterson, the winner of last year’s Brewmaster contest, specifically for the Vancouver Fringe Festival. That means it’s a Fringe exclusive and here for a limited time only. While you’re at it, pair it with a bag of Hardbite Chips. All at the Big Rock Brewery Fringe Bar!

So what’s stopping you? Head on down for some Food Truck and Fringe Bar goodness.

Your Fringe for A Day

Have you noticed that some days of the Festival have a name? Did you know that a day of the Fringe could be named after YOU? “Your Fringe for a Day” allows you to buy your own day at the Vancouver Fringe Festival. It comes complete with 10 Exchange Vouchers, a Fringe hoodie or t-shirt, and a personalized curtain speech—so you can be loud and proud about your love for the Fringe!

Tom (left) and Pete (right) love visiting Granville Island and they especially love the Fringe. So much in fact, that they bought a Your Fringe for a Day!

Tom (left) and Pete (right) love visiting Granville Island and they especially love the Fringe. So much in fact, that they bought a Your Fringe for a Day!

So far we have had three Fringe for a Days! We opened the Festival with David Jordan Day in honour of our esteemed Executive Director, who will be leaving the Festival in under one week. Then we had The Status Bureau Day! They specialize in engineering Google results so people can find the Fringe more often so we can sell more tickets and support artists. And today? Today is Bring a Friend to Fringe Day! Bringing a friend is what brought today’s Fringe for a Day patron, Asha, to the Vancouver Fringe Festival for the first time. Since then, Asha has become a regular Fringer. So thank you to David, Asha, and the Status Bureau—you’ve shouted your love for us and we’re shouting our love for you right back.

Coming up next is Hoppy Birdie John Day on September 16 and Pete and Tom Day on September 17! Want your very own day at this, or next year’s Fringe Festival? Email Robyn Kurtz or visit our website for more details. Want to support the Fringe in other ways? You can do that too! Go to our website or visit our Donor Booth located right outside the Box Office!