Fringe Pollinators!

So there’s this rad group of seriously essential Fringe Lovers known as Fringe Pollinators. Fringe Pollinators are larger or long-term donors, high-level volunteers, sponsors, and other folks who go above and beyond for the Fringe.

They bring their resources and connections like pollen to the fertile arts garden that is the Festival—and nobody is allergic to this pollen! The well-tended Fringe garden then explodes in fecund and flowery beauty like an irresistible, exciting, and sometimes mysterious rainforest jungle of creativity!

The Pollinators get together every few months and during the Festival for some fun and to conspire how to pollinate the Festival and make it the absolute best anywhere. With the help of special Festival Partners and other important friends, we’ve had many unique gatherings since the group formed in 2011.

Here’s some of the Pollinator fun we’ve had together!

2015: On the Fringe documentary sneak preview with producers Nancy Kenny and Natalie Watson!

Big thanks to Nancy Kenny, Natalie Watson, and TJ Dawe for sharing with us a sneak peak of the upcoming documentary, On the Fringe, about touring the Canadian Fringe Festival circuit, life on the road, and the Fringe ties that bind. Pollinators clinked glasses of wine and snacked on tasty delectables! Thanks to H.A.V.E. Culinary Training Society for tasty hors d’oeuvres!

Pollintators - On the Fringe
2014: Pre-Basic Training chat with “Fringe god” TJ Dawe and Justin Sudds

Jess Amy Shead interviews TJ Dawe and Justin Sudds

Jess Amy Shead interviews TJ Dawe and Justin Sudds

What a treat it was to enjoy wine and hors d’oeuvres with TJ Dawe (Marathon) and Justin Sudds (S.L. Feldman & Associates)! They shared the trials and tribulations, but also the amazingly rewarding experiences, of touring the Fringe circuit and producing and marketing your own Fringe show!


2013: Fringe Onsite and the SS Master!

This past July 3, Pollinators met on a flawless summer evening—this time at the Edible Canada Bistro. After tasty canapés and cooling summer cocktails, we toured the nearby SS Master with Kendra Fanconi of The Only Animal and the Fringe Onsite Program at the helm. Kendra helped us explore this 91-year-old tugboat as if we were contemplating using it as a site-specific Fringe Onsite location and then turned us loose to poke around the history-filled ship ourselves, imaginations running wild! A caressing breeze, the salty smell of False Creek sea air, and the seagull screeches and rumblings of passing boats helped us each create our own stories. Executive Director David Jordan reminded us of the Pollinators’ purpose with an invitation to connect the Fringe with other interesting potential Onsite locations around town.

Here are some more shots from the evening.


2012: Pollinators at the Pick of the Fringe!

Fringe Pollinator - Pick Event

David interviews Kate, Andrew, and Ryan

During the Pick of the Fringe on the Friday after the 2012 Festival, about 40 Pollinators shared appies and wine while Fringe Executive Director, David Jordan, interviewed artists from this year. Kate and Andrew from the Wonderheads (they did Loon… and Grim and Fischer, last year) and Ryan from Monster Theatre (No Tweed too Tight, Freud vs. His Ego, etc.) gave a behind-the-scenes look at being a Fringe artist and how the Fringe had literally changed their lives—Kate and Andrew were able to ditch their day jobs! We got to ask some questions, too, and then we wrapped it up, grabbed some good seats, and caught one of the held-over 2012 Fringe shows, Romance. It was such a great insider-view evening; I wish everyone could have been there!