Fringe Lovers!

Fringe Lovers make Theatre for Everyone possible! Thank you to our generous 2020-2021 Donors!

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♥♥ Growing old together. These Fringe Lovers have donated for ten years or more!
♥ Long-term lovers. Donors who have loved the Fringe for five years or more!
✩ The story just begun. These are this year’s new Fringe Lovers!


Our One True Love

♥ Kevin Campbell & the Lochmaddy Foundation♥


The Commitment Club

(Monthly Donors)

Soul Mates (1000+)

Bob and Anne Wang
Jai Djwa
♥♥ Jim Sibley & Amanda Bradley, in memory of Mollie Bradley
♥ John Sullivan
♥♥ June Harrison for the Harrison Bergeron Private Foundation
✩ Lee-Lynn Gan
♥ Tom Paolucci & Pete Emrick

Hot Lava Lovers (500+)

♥ Alison Bell & Dean Gingrich
Benita Ceresney
♥♥ David Jordan & Bethan Stewart
♥♥ Don Wright & Deborah Loren
♥ Joan Sangster
♥ Joanna Maratta
♥ John and Mardie Mason
Kathy Scalzo
✩ Kuan Foo
♥ Nancy More
♥ Neal Jennings

Going Steady (250+)

♥ Brian Rowland
Duncan Watts-Grant
♥ Elaine and Russ McRitchie/Miranda
♥ Eugene and Regina Gorodetsky
♥ Jane Harris
♥ Katia Tynan and Jeff Ilich
♥ Kathy & Al Costello
Ken Hsueh
✩ Laura Robinson
♥ Leslie Carty
♥ Liam (The Great) Kearns
Neil Jones-Rodway
♥ Peter Dickinson
♥♥ Susan Ogul-Propas & Lonnie Propas

Sweetheart (50+)

♥ Anthea Jordan
Brian Dusting
♥ Brian Paterson
✩ Chelsey Stuyt
♥♥ Christina Price
Cylia Wong
Darren  Ainsley
Debby Reis
Edna Leyland

♥ Gareth Duncan
♥♥ Gerald Kowalenko
♥ Jackie Day
♥ Mathew Hill
Matthew Minson
♥♥ Regina Ogmundson
♥ Robyn, Jason, Ayden & Fin Kurtz
♥ Shannon LaBelle and Kevin Forbes
♥ Shaun Jackman & Elizabeth Kirkland
Sheila Butt


Soul Mates


Peter Austin
Anonymous Friend of the Fringe
♥♥ Austin Property Tax Consultants
♥ Claudia Sjoberg
♥♥ Geoff Bannoff
✩ William Gibson
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Hot Lava Lovers


✩ Gordon MacRae
♥♥ Jane and Chris Westheuser
♥♥ Susan Freedman and Bill Galloway
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Going Steady


♥ Bruce McPherson
Darby Honeyman
✩ Donna Mathiasen
♥ Eduardo Ottoni
Kevin Mitchell
Peter Herd
Susan More
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Anonymous (matched by corporate giving)
✩ Ann Lee
♥♥ Bill and Ellen Schwartz
✩ Bill Hubbard
✩ Bradley Wells
♥ Carolyn Lymn
✩ Clare Pryme
✩David Bonnefoy
✩ Debra Seaboyer
✩ Donald Clancy
✩ Elinor Orsini
✩ Emily Burke
Eric Krushel
✩ Eric Promislow
✩ Estha Parg-Murenbeeld
✩ Gail Cryer
♥ Gerry Murenbeeld
Glenn Mair
✩ Janet Mitchell
♥ Janet Neufeld & Ken Elmer, in memory of Shannon Elmer
✩ Janice Carroll
♥ Jim & Patricia Anhorn
✩ Jo Ledingham
♥♥ Judith Coffin
Karen Chan
♥♥ Kathryn Shaw
✩Kathleen Flaherty
✩ Kenneth Klonsky
Kim Tanner
✩ Kris Klaasen
✩ Lale Doetsch
♥ Leigh McLachlan
♥ Linda Gilbert
✩ Lisa Leblanc
Margo Kane
✩Mario Ariza
✩ Shaun Toomer
✩ Stephanie MacLeod
✩ Stephen Merry
Susan Kensett
✩ Tom Handley
Victoria Henderson
William Schwartz

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Fringe Fling


Jim Anhorn
✩ Aron Buky-Tompa
♥♥ Barbara Bernhardt
Susan Christie
Anika Deiss
✩ Avi Dolgin
Darlene Gering
✩ Cathy Jackson
✩ Diane Pfingsttag
✩ Eric Abel
♥ France Perras
✩ James Narvey
✩ Jane Heyman
✩ Kiersten Eis
♥ Kristen Johnson & Paul Campbell
✩ Zee Kesler
Lisa Mennell
✩ Maria Stanborough
✩ Marina Richter
✩ Miranda Deis
♥♥ Nancy Barker
✩ Nancy Strider
✩Phillip Duggan
✩ Randy Smallwood
Sharon Styve
✩ Siobhann Williamson
✩ Sue Kingsley
Susan Rudolph
✩ Victoria Tang
✩ Kaarina Talvila
✩ Karen Sommer
✩ Kevin Steiner
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First Kiss


✩ Aleem Gilani
✩ Arline Oishi
✩ Ashley Hargreaves
✩ Avril Baldauf
✩ Ben Krakowsky
✩ Callyn Dorval
✩ Cassie Savoie
✩ Chris Aikenhead
✩ Darren Mercer
✩ Gordon Handford
✩ Gordon Yusko
✩ Graham Allen
✩ John Nursall
Christina Larson
Andrew Szeri
✩ Karen Sommer
✩ Katie Baillie
✩ Linda Cardinal
✩ Linda Johnston
✩ Linnea Perry
✩ Nadia Fortuna
✩ Rob Spooner
✩ Ross William Bartleman
✩ Russell Hartlaub
✩ Sandy Watson
✩ Steve Dragicevic
Sue Bigelow
♥ Tom MacGowan
Vesna Bokic
Lindsay Boyle
✩ Winnie Chick
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So Kind in Kind Friends 2020 – 2021

You’d think that all we need is love and money!… But these special folks understand that it also takes STUFF to run a festival! Donations of useful items like computers, paper, and bar fridges, are known as “in kind” donations. Gifts to the Fringe of such treasures are known as “so kind in kind” donations! As these gifts are usually under $1,500 in value, we separate them from our larger corporate sponsors. We love you, too!

Tracy Georgelin
Earnest Ice Cream

The Vancouver Fringe Theatre Society runs the Fringe Festival and is a registered not-for-profit charitable society (Charitable tax #11891 9547 RR0001). Tax receipts are issued for donations over $25.