Fringe Board Announces Organizational Updates

From the Board of the Vancouver Fringe Festival

Dear Friends of the Vancouver Fringe Festival,

We write to you today to let you know that Rohit Chokhani has left the position of Executive Director of the Vancouver Fringe Festival. The Board appreciates Rohit’s efforts and thanks him for his contributions to the Festival. We would particularly like to acknowledge Rohit, the Fringe staff, contractors, and volunteers who brought a series of mini-Festivals to life in 2020 amidst an extraordinarily challenging time for theatre across the globe.

As we head into the 2021 Festival season, the Pandemic and the challenges it brings are still with us. The Fringe is eager and committed to continue to support artists and entertain theatre-lovers in our present reality. We are looking at ways we can safely achieve this, while keeping staff, patron, and artist safety our top priority.

As we replay the challenges of the past year, the Board has decided it is necessary to rethink and refresh the way the Fringe has traditionally worked. Our vision remains “Theatre for Everyone.” As part of our commitment to that vision, we are examining a number of our operating pillars, including our core principles, organizational structure, and policies and procedures. We will continue to place a particular emphasis on equity, diversity and inclusion, while recognizing that there is much more work to do.

Our goal is for the next Fringe to be a mix of the Fringe you know and love, and a new Fringe which fully reflects our values and the operating realities of 2021 and beyond.

Fringefully yours,

The Board of the Vancouver Fringe Festival