Frequently Asked Questions

Please note that this is a living document and it will be updated, added to, and revised on an ongoing basis as our plans develop and new information becomes available.  


2020 Festival  

Will there be a 2020 Vancouver Fringe Festival?  

Yes! The Vancouver Fringe Festival is moving forward with “staggered” dates for the 2020 Festival with performance periods (or “mini Festivals”) in September, October, November, and possibly December. We will be operating fewer venues, creating a more concentrated Festival, with a focus on live, in-person events.    


When will the festival be?  

The festival will take place over four months, with performance periods scheduled for:    

  • September 10 – 20 (Original 2020 Festival dates)   
  • October 1 – 10  
  • October 29 – November 8  
  • November 26 – December 6 


How many shows are in the Festival this year?  

There will be a total of 8 shows in the September 10 – 20 mini Festival:  

  • Mainstage  
  • 2 Site-Specific 
  • 5 Advance Theatre play readings 

Programming for October-onwards is still being confirmed. We expect to present 35+ shows in total.  


Will there be a digital component?   

While the Festival will be focused on live, in-person events, we will be offering some workshops digitally. Curated digital programming options are currently being explored. 


What happens if…, will you cancel the festival?  

There are a lot of unknowns, but in any scenario the Fringe is committed to the health and safety of the public, our patrons, artists, volunteers, and staff. Before making a decision to cancel any performances we will make every effort to postpone or reschedule when it is safe and possible to do so.   


Which venues will the Fringe be using?  

We will be using Performance Works, on Granville Island, and The Cultch Historic, in East Van, as our Mainstage venues for 2020.  

 Site-Specific performances will take place on Granville Island at Picnic Pavillion and the Yellow Crane Pad. 



Where can I get tickets? 

Tickets can be purchased at https://tickets.vancouverfringe.com starting September 1! 


Where is the Box Office? 

To minimize physical contact, we will not be offering an in-person box office this year. We encourage all patrons to purchase tickets in advance online at https://tickets.vancouverfringe.com. However, if needed, tickets can also be purchased at the door of the event (credit card & debit card preferred for a contactless experience).  


How much are tickets? 

Tickets are $15 plus membership fee (one time purchase). Please note, you must have a valid membership in order to buy tickets online.  


What is a Fringe membership? 

Since 100% of the base ticket price goes directly to the artists, we rely on your membership fees help cover the cost of the Festival*. This includes: 

  • Artist Development 
  • Venue & site production 
  • Administrative costs 
  • Website & marketing 
  • Volunteer program 
  • Staff & benefits 

*Memberships don’t actually cover all our costs. We rely on sponsorships, government grants, and donations to cover the full cost of the Festival. 


Where can I buy a Fringe membership? 

Membership can be purchased at https://tickets.vancouverfringe.com 


Health and Safety  

What health and safety measures are you taking?  

Community safety remains the Vancouver Fringe Theatre Society’s top priority. We have formed our policies using the guidance and recommendations of the most current information from the Public Health Agency of Canada, HealthLink BC, and the BC Centre for Disease Control.  
For information on the Vancouver Fringe’s health and safety measures click here: https://tickets.vancouverfringe.com 


Will audience capacities be restricted?  

Yes. All Fringe venues will adjust their capacity in order to ensure proper social distancing. The current WorkSafeBC protocol states that “Performing arts venues are subject to the provincial health officer’s order prohibiting mass gatherings of 50 patrons or more.”  


Are we required to wear masks at all times? 

All patrons are required to wear a mask when arriving at the venue and while moving around the venue. Once you’re at your seat, we strongly encourage masks to remain on unless you’re enjoying a beverage.


Will the Fringe be selling masks at venues? 

Yes! Single-use masks will be available by donation at each venue. 


Will there be sanitizing stations available? 

Yes! We encourage you to sanitize and/or wash your hands. We will be providing sanitizing stations around the venue for your use.  


What information will be collected for contact tracing?  

Patrons will be required to provide a name (first and last), phone number and email address for each individual in their party. 



Washrooms at performance works will have limited capacity. For outdoor events, there are public washrooms available on Granville Island. Please see the maps in the program guide for the locations of these.  


At the Venue  

What time should I arrive at the venue?  

We recommend arriving at least 30 minutes before a show starts to safely check in and make your way to your seat. 


How do I show my ticket when I arrive? 

You won’t have to show a ticket when you arrive, The Fringe is going paperless for 2020! Instead of showing a physical ticket, all ticket holders will proceed to an available Patron Check-in Attendant who will check the group name against the will-call list. 


How do I choose my seats? Will the seats be socially distanced? 

You will be directed to your seat by our (socially distanced) ushers. We know it might be tempting to move your chair, or choose a seat closer to friends who aren’t in your bubble, but please do not move your chair or change your seat. Chairs are set to maintain social distancing guidelines 


What is happening to the Fringe Bar? 

We will have a Fringe Bar this year, but like most things, it will look a little bit different. Due to health and safety regulations, drinks can only be consumed while seated, at Performance Works. Before the show, you can order a drink and we’ll bring the bar to youThe bar will stay open one hour after the show, so you can enjoy some seated, socially distanced drinks after the show too.