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    Hi there, Fringe Artists!

    This is our brand new artist forum. We want to create a place for you to have a voice and an opportunity to connect with one another and us as staff. Please take a look at the basic topics below, and let us know if you feel there are more we should add.

    What this forum IS for:
    -Questions about Fringe policies
    -Connecting with other artists
    -General suggestions

    What this forum is NOT for:
    -Questions about your specific production
    -Promoting your show (unless you’d like to work with another artist to promote)
    -Rude or disrespectful language
    -Complaints about specific people
    (For these inquiries, please contact artist@vancouverfringe.com. Except for rude or disrespectful language, keep that to yourself.)
    Please remember that the Fringe is run by people who LOVE what we do. We truly care about artists and your feedback and do our best to make the festival the best it can be for artists, patrons and volunteers alike.

    -Do you have questions about our policies? Wonder how we assign schedules and venues? Some questions you may have are more detailed than we can explain in your handbook, so here’s the place. Ask away!

    -Want to organize a program ad-swap with a fellow artist? Looking for props you think someone might have? This is the place!

    Generic Artist

    how do i get into the fringe festival?


    Hi there, Artist- sorry for the delay on the reply, this forum is new. The 2015 is full, but you can find details about the different categories and how to enter them for next year here: https://www.vancouverfringe.com/for-artists/. Thanks!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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