September 2019


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Are you interested in being in the 2019 Festival? Read on!

At the Vancouver Fringe we celebrate theatre and create opportunities for performing artists like you!

As a Fringe artist you’ll have access to Festival resources to produce and publicize your show, you’ll rub shoulders with movers and shakers in Vancouver Theatre, and receive 100% of the regular box office revenue from your show! Fringe shows are un-juried and uncensored. That means that for the Mainstage category, you do not need to submit a script – or even tell us what your show is about – when you apply. Anyone can submit a show for the Festival! One-person shows, drama, acrobats, queer burlesque – we take them all!

A company (or individual) applies for a spot in the Fringe by submitting an application form and fee. There are four separate categories to apply to, and each company is limited to one spot per year.

Frequently Asked Questions about being an artist at the Fringe Festival

2018 Artist Resources: Dates & Deadlines and heaps of useful info


1. The Mainstage Lottery – Now Closed

The Mainstage Lottery for the 2019 Festival was open for applications December 10-January 9. Winners were drawn by lottery on January 14.

There are approximately 8 groups assigned to each venue. A Mainstage venue spot refers to shows that are placed in a venue supplied by the Festival, including a technician, basic lighting, and sound. The show can be from 10-75 minutes in length. Each group has 15 minutes to set up before each performance, and 15 minutes to take down afterwards. Applicants are selected by lottery.  The fee is $800 for a show from 31-75 minutes, and $600 for a show under 30 minutes, including a $55 non-refundable application fee.

2. The Dramatic Works Series – Now Closed

Dramatics Works is first come first served, and we’re accepting applications starting March 2019. 

Sponsored by the Lochmaddy Foundation, this is a Mainstage venue completely dedicated to published dramatic works. A Mainstage venue spot refers to shows that are placed in a venue supplied by the Festival, including a technician, basic lighting, and sound. These shows can be from 30-100 minutes in length. Each group has 15 minutes to set up before each performance, and 15 minutes to take down afterwards. In the Dramatic Works category, artists must be using a previously produced script classified as a Drama by the publisher with 2 or more actors. Artists may not apply with their own script. Applicants will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, pending script eligibility. The fee is $800 including a $55 non-refundable administration fee.

Apply now through Eventotron.

3. Bring Your Own Venue (BYOV) – Now Closed

Applications for BYOV open after the Mainstage lottery, and deadlines vary by venue. 

Applicants are approved by the venue on a first-come, first-served basis. Applicants must have secured a pre-approved venue BEFORE they apply with the Fringe. BYOV refers to shows that supply their own venue or location, technician, lighting, and sound. Technical rehearsal and scheduling is up to the company to arrange with the venue. This year, only pre-approved, Fringe BYOVs will be accepted. Once an artist is accepted at a venue, the Fringe will accept their application. The Fringe fee is $500 including a non-refundable administration fee. BYOV Venue fees are separate from the BYOV fee paid to the Fringe.

Click here for our list of pre-approved venues.

4. Site-Specific – Now Closed

Applications for Site Specific open March 2019. Email a detailed proposal, details below!

Site-Specific applicants provide their own venue, technician, lighting, and sound. Site-Specific shows must be created for their space, and may not take place in a traditional theatre. Some previous examples of Site-Specific shows include:

Pirates! An interactive show about pirates taking place on and around the small grounded pirate ship on Granville Island

Duck Off, A clown show in which the actor performed from a boat in the duck pond

The fee is $500 including a non-refundable $55 administration fee.

Applications will be accepted early 2019. Submissions should explain which site you intend to use, and detail the way in which your plans meet the above criteria (e.g. the show is created for the space, and would not be suitable for a traditional theatre venue).

Applications are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis if their sites are within walking distance of Granville Island or Havana Restaurant and meet the criteria of the Site-Specific Program.

Apply now through Eventotron.

Other ways to get involved


Advance Theatre Series

Ruby Slippers Theatre’s Advance Theatre series at the Fringe Festival showcases dramatic readings of five new plays written by diverse Canadian women playwrights, all directed by diverse Canadian women. These readings take place over five days during the Vancouver Fringe Festival, in September 2019.

If you are a playwright and your play is chosen to participate in the Advance Theatre: New Works by Diverse Women festival, Ruby Slippers Theatre and the Fringe Festival will cover the costs of all rehearsals prior to the day of the reading, your technical rehearsal, promotion, theatrical venue on Granville Island, and all artists’ fees.

Playwrights and directors can apply to Ruby Slippers until February 15, 2019.