The Yellow Wallpaper


A woman is confined to her room after the birth of her child, not even allowed to write. But the woman’s mind cannot rest and soon she begins to see a figure in the wallpaper, a figure that wants to get out…

The Yellow Wallpaper is a shrewd blend of physical theatre and subversive text. Adapted from the classic gothic novella, the performance examines 19th-century patriarchal views through a modern lens, moving from controlled precision to wild abandon – ironic and witty, eerie and unnerving.

“Both more moving and blackly funny than any mere monologue”
– Stage Whispers (Melbourne, Australia) 2017
Stage adaptation by: Laurence Strangio and Annie Thorold
Based on the novella: ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’ by Charlotte Perkins Gilman
Performed by: Annie Thorold
Directed by: Laurence Strangio


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Length: 60 mins | Age: 14+ | Warning(s): N/A

Dates & Times

Fri 9 Sep 7pm Arts Umbrella $15
Sun 11 Sep 4:45pm Arts Umbrella $15
Tue 13 Sep 3pm Arts Umbrella $15
Wed 14 Sep 8:45pm Arts Umbrella $15
Fri  16 Sep 7pm Arts Umbrella $15
Sun 18 Sep 8:45pm Arts Umbrella $15