Stupid Ed


Stupid Ed is Taiwanese-Canadian Comedian Ed Hill’s follow up show to his critically acclaimed comedy special Candy & Smiley on Amazon Prime. Stupid Ed is intimate, insightful, and at times – incredible. Comprised of introspections about Ed’s relationships with the female figures in his life, the show explores the values that a first-generation Taiwanese Canadian immigrant has learned from his motherland, Canada. It is a close examination on the meaning of strength, a genuine reflection on the concept of fragility, and an honest observation on what connects all of us: Love.

Watching Ed Hill feels like listening to your funny friend tell all their best stories 
– Vancouver Magazine 
Written & Directed by: Ed Hill
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Length: 60 mins | Age: 18+ | Warning(s): Coarse Language, Sexual Content

Dates & Times

Thu 8 Sep 3pm Revue Stage $15
Fri 9 Sep 1:25pm Revue Stage $15
Sat 10 Sep 10pm Revue Stage $15
Sun 11 Sep 8:15pm Revue Stage $15