Significant Contacts


With the loss of life, sustenance, and water the world order has fallen into chaos. Governments dismantled, leaving only citizens and military in another war turning the United States into a wasteland. Diana Winters stays alone on the outskirts of this new world order until she discovers a solider passed out in what once was her driveway. She brings Larkin back to her shelter – and with him danger may now be inside her home, Diana is left to decipher her first Significant Contact in years. 

Company: Bluebird Theatre Co.
Written & Directed by: Amanda Stamm

@bluebirdtco | #SignificantContact


All attendees are required to purchase a Festival Membership (a one-off $10 fee), granting you access to each and every show in this year’s Fringe. You can add a Festival Membership for each member of your party during the booking process. For more info, please visit our Booking Information page.

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Length: 30 mins | Age: 18+ | Warning(s): Violent Content

Dates & Times

Thu 8 Sep 7pm The NEST $15
Fri 9 Sep 8:15pm The NEST $15
Tue 13 Sep 9:30pm The NEST $15
Fri 16 Sep 8:30pm The NEST $15
Sat 17 Sep 3:45pm The NEST $15
Sun 18 Sep 5pm The NEST $15