SELL ME: I am from North Korea


SELL ME: I am from North Korea is inspired by the true stories of incredibly courageous North Korean women defectors who risk everything to escape one of Earth’s most repressive regimes.

On her 15th birthday, Jisun makes the heart-wrenching decision to sell herself to an old Chinese man to make money for her dying mother’s medications. However, after risking everything by crossing the Tumen River into China, she learns that she is not-sellable and finds herself on the streets.

“A heart-rending piece
Tom Block (International Human Rights Art Festival Founder & Executive Director)
Written by: Sora Baek
Directed by: Jaimie Van Dyke


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Length: 55 mins | Age: 14+ | Warning(s): Violent Content, Sexual Content

Dates & Times

Thu 8 Sep – Sun 18 Sep Available to stream 24/7 Digital Pre-recorded $15