Neurotic Erotica


Based on true stories, join controversial author Esme J.K. Quimby (Regan Shrumm), as she reads from her latest novel, 50 Shades of Grief: A Neurotic Erotica. Follow a character study of how one individual’s love of 80s films and repressed queerness turned them into constantly overthinking every sexual act.  

This solo comedy performance is full of cringing humour, bringing levity to the awkwardness that can come with exploring the mysteries of sex as you grow up. 

“A masterclass in subtlety, innuendo, camp, and whip-smart humour
– Sean Guist (Artistic Director, Intrepid Theatre)
Written & Directed by: Regan Shrumm
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Length: 50 mins | Age: 18+ | Warning(s): Course Language, Violent Content, Sexual Content

Dates & Times

Thu 8 Sep 5pm The Improv Centre $15
Sun 11 Sep 9pm The Improv Centre $15
Mon 12 Sep 7pm The Improv Centre $15
Tue 13 Sep 5pm The Improv Centre $15
Fri 16 Sep 3pm The Improv Centre $15
Sun 18 Sep 1pm The Improv Centre $15