Mother Tongues


Mothers. We all come from one. Whether we knew her or not. Whether she was who we wanted her to be or someone completely different. She was human. And so are we. In Mother Tongues, six women take the stage to explore the language and voices of who we came from and the lasting impact of both having and being a mother. Difficult, funny, raw and real, theses stories flip the myth of the Good Mother.

Company: Mothers on Ink
Written by: Fran Alexander, Alli Brumwell, Jennifer Hill, Karen Hoffman, Lindy Pfeil and Elizabeth Wooding
Directed by: Elizabeth Wooding and Alli Brumwell


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Length: 60 mins | Age: 18+ | Warning(s): Coarse Language, Challenging Content

Dates & Times

Fri 9 Sep 6:30pm Studio 16 $15
Sun 11 Sep 4:45pm Studio 16 $15
Tue 13 Sep 3pm Studio 16 $15
Wed 14 Sep 10:10pm Studio 16 $15
Fri 16 Sep 7:55pm Studio 16 $15
Sun 18 Sep 6:30pm Studio 16 $15