Believing in the unbelievable is easy; surviving it is a whole other story.

Sam is a 14-year-old girl; kind of scared, kind of desperate, and kind of hopeful. She’s also the representative of all humankind, according to the peaceful alien overlord (at least, she thinks it’s a peaceful alien overlord) who comes to visit her in the corn field every Friday night. An out-of-this-world opportunity to break a dangerous cycle, Sam’s ready to blast off by any means necessary.

Company: Dreamphase Productions
Written by: Ariel Slack
Directed by: Chris Lam


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Length: 40 mins | Age: 18+ | Warning(s): Sexual Content

Dates & Times

Fri 9 Sep 3:20pm Studio 16 $15
Sat 10 Sep 9:25pm Studio 16 $15
Mon 12 Sep 8:45pm Studio 16 $15
Wed 14 Sep 7pm Studio 16 $15
Fri 16 Sep 4:45pm Studio 16 $15
Sun 18 Sep 3:20pm Studio 16 $15