Free Kittens


An impassioned and hilarious argument for reproductive freedom from the firstborn child of a catholic teenage mother. Free Kittens explores the dichotomy of being passionately pro-legal abortion and also having nearly been one.  

Join Megan as she describes the Miltons’ sibling-by-sibling, litter-by-litter descent into being a quintessential, kitten peddling, white trash family. 

Written & Directed by: Megan Milton


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Length: 30 mins | Age: 18+ | Warning(s): Coarse Language, Challenging Content

Dates & Times

Thu 8 Sep 8:15pm The NEST $15
Sat 10 Sep 9:05pm The NEST $15
Mon 12 Sep 5:15pm The NEST $15
Wed 14 Sep 4pm The NEST $15
Sat 17 Sep 8pm The NEST $15
Sun 18 Sep 2:30pm The NEST $15