Deliver Us Not!


Trying to come to terms with their impending due-date, three fetuses sharing the cramped space in a womb debate the possibilities of life-after-birth. The characters represent a trio of philosophies, taking to task such topics as atheism, warm-fuzzy-new-age sophisms, and pompous poetry. Deliver Us Not! juggles it all with impudent wit and subtle subtext.

Company: Acting Out
Written by: Lee Howard and Greg Gamble
Directed by: Trevor Lawless
@TrevorLawless | #DeliverUsNot


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Length: 30 mins | Age: All Ages | Warning(s): N/A

Dates & Times

Fri 9 Sep 4pm The NEST $15
Sat 10 Sep 7pm Leap Creative Studios $15
Sun 11 Sep 2:30pm The NEST $15
Mon 12 Sep 7pm The NEST $15
Wed 14 Sep 5:15pm The NEST $15
Fri 16 Sep 4:15pm The NEST $15
Sat 17 Sep 9:15pm The NEST $15