Cabaret of Murder


John Wayne Gacy. Ted Bundy. Dennis Rader. Elizabeth Wettlaufer. David Koresh. Charles Manson. Erik Manendez. Cho Seung-Hui. What do all of these people have in common? ART!… and also murder. But mostly art. Painting, poetry, music, and even plays. Serial killers and murderers have created art before, during, and after their heinous crimes.

‘Emerging Artist Award’ Winner
Calgary Fringe 2018
Written & Directed by: Blair Moro
@SingleAwareProd | #CabaretOfMurder


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Length: 60 mins | Age: 18+ | Warning(s): Coarse Language, Violent Content, Sexual Content, Challenging Content

Dates & Times

Fri 9 Sep 5pm The Improv Centre $15
Sun 11 Sep 7:15pm The Improv Centre $15
Mon 12 Sep 8:45pm The Improv Centre $15
Wed 14 Sep 10pm The Improv Centre $15
Thu 15 Sep 5pm The Improv Centre $15
Sun 18 Sep 5pm The Improv Centre $15