Theatre for Everyone?

Agam Darshi and Nimet Kanji wowed audiences in the sell out show Bombay Black by Anosh Irani.

The Fringe has a Vision to present a Festival and year-round programming that showcases work by emerging artists of all backgrounds, but we’re not there yet.

In our 33rd year, the 2017 Vancouver Fringe Festival saw some amazing work by artists from Vancouver and all over the world. We shared in personal stories that broke our hearts and hilarious and epic adventures. Fringe stages opened up to artists with stories to tell and patrons were able to experience theatre that made them think, laugh, cry, or want to know more. We’re here for artists to launch careers, to take risks, and to build community—but we need to do more.

We’re working towards Theatre for Everyone. Your support will get us there.

Right now the theatre community is rallying around conversations about equity, diversity, and inclusion. As an un-juried, uncensored festival, the Fringe is uniquely able to offer space and support to emerging artists from diverse backgrounds. Your support for equity and inclusion will ripple throughout the theatre world.

Fall for the Fringe by donating today. Your gift will directly and immediately support the Fringe you know and love, as well as our work towards a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive Festival.

Artists, staff, volunteers, and patrons come together every September to celebrate and partake in Fringe theatre! Photo by Al Ricard.

During 2017 we partnered with ShapeShift Arts who have been speaking with community members and artists of all backgrounds to find out who we’re not seeing on Fringe stages and why.

We now have new insights on the work we need to do to increase equity and diversity at the Fringe! We’re excited to take on a leadership role in Vancouver and the Fringe community to build new relationships and respect.

Your generous support of a Festival you love, and a Vision you believe in, is paramount to making Theatre for Everyone possible. Please give today!