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In a world where people can waxing their unnecessary emotions, ‘H’ accidentally waxed her hair instead of emotions. She sets out to find her lost body hair with the emotions that couldn‘t be waxed. At the end of a long and strange journey, She realizes something.
A story about precious things and emotion.
While preparing for this performance, I became H and explored my self.
I will go to the ‘Camino de Santiago’ after Vancouver Fringe Festival.
I hope that I can meet many ‘Me’ on the road. Like H
Event Info
Genre: Story-telling
Duration: 45 mins
Price: $15
Show Info
Age Rating: PG
Access Tip
September 5, 2024 6.45pm
Price: $15
September 7, 2024 7.45pm
Price: $15
September 11, 2024 5.30pm
Price: $15
September 12, 2024 9.25pm
Price: $15
September 13, 2024 6.45pm
Price: $15
September 15, 2024 2.15pm
Price: $15