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jem rolls / big word

True story.
New York, 1944. Ted Hall, 19, the youngest Physicist in Oppenheimer's Atomic Bomb Project, asks himself the mighty big question: will the world be safer after the War if he gives atomic secrets to the Russians?
And he does.
From teenage friendship to stark treason. From the idyll of young love to the murky world of spies. From high science to Hiroshima. And from big decision to deep consequence.
What happens when the walls start closing in?
Written and performed by Jem Rolls.
The creator of THE INVENTOR OF ALL THINGS: ***** Edmonton Journal, ***** StarPhoenix. And THE WALK IN THE SNOW: ***** CBC, ***** Global.
One of the founders of Edinburgh's free fringe. More Fringe Festivals than anyone else this century.
45+ Five Star reviews. 200+ Four Star reviews. This is his twentieth Fringe tour.
Did Ted save the world?
Event Info
Venue: Ballet BC
Genre: Thoughtful, Historical, Story-telling
Duration: 60 mins
Price: $15
Ticket Fee: $3
Show Info
Age Rating: 14A
Access Tip
Please note that the Vancouver Fringe Festival does not offer refunds or exchanges.
September 5, 2024 7.00pm
Price: $15
September 6, 2024 8.45pm
Price: $15
September 7, 2024 1.45pm
Price: $15
September 8, 2024 10.30pm
Price: $15
September 9, 2024 8.45pm
Price: $15
September 13, 2024 7.00pm
Price: $15
September 14, 2024 5.15pm
Price: $15
September 15, 2024 1.45pm
Price: $15