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A young female switchboard operator becomes intimately involved in the affairs of a young couple when she overhears, and participates in, a series of telephonic exchanges between them 'Patchface' is a play about the American Dream, about the generational divide, about revolution and technological advancement; it is about technology, intimacy, desire, communication, and the space between these things.
"In a time where so many of us feel disconnected socially and romantically, 'Patchface' reveals the importance of communication with others and the consequences of not doing so" – Steel City Girl Reviews
Event Info
Venue: Online
Genre: Theatre
Duration: 60 mins
Price: $15
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Membership: All attendees must purchase a 2023 Festival Membership (a one-off $10 fee) before their first show. One required per party member – Free for 13 and under.
Tickets: Stream 24/7 from any personal device.
Latecomer Policy: N/A
Show Info
Written By: Camille Intson
Directed By: Hailey Hill
Age Rating: 14+
Warnings: Coarse Language
Access Tip
This online show includes subtitles for d/Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing audiences.
Available from September 7, 2023 to September 19, 2023
Price: $15


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