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My toes striving till the tips of your fingers

Johanne Gour Danse

My toes striving, while my life is falling out of my hands. Body parts relentlessly repeat basic walking movements. Other kinds of limbs draft gestures of love. Yet, some bodies will remain aloof and alone... Should I still move towards you ? Should we seek our freedom? Will one of us stay behind ?

Johanne Gour brings to light the contrast between the immobility of those who are sitting and the agility of legs that are free to come and go. As healthy dancers move in unexpected ways, the wheelchair-bound choreographer performs a part suitable to her means. While formal yet sensual movements come and go, some tangible or some unrecognizable visions flow during this dance piece, opening a field for images and dreams. Gradually, the audience is pulled into an unknown world, that of confinement, unlike the freedom of moving carefree in the world.

Performers : Alexandra MacLean, Esther Gaudette and Johanne Gour
Rehearsal director : Sona Pogossian -- Dramaturgical assistant : Pauline Berndsen Gervais

Touring Montreal, Winnipeg and Vancouver in 2024. Premiered in Montréal, in June 2023.
Event Info
Genre: Dance
Duration: 65 mins
Price: $12
Show Info
Age Rating: PG
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September 6, 2024 6.30pm
Price: $12
September 7, 2024 2.30pm
Price: $12
September 8, 2024 4.15pm
Price: $12
September 10, 2024 9.00pm
Price: $12
September 12, 2024 5.00pm
Price: $12
September 14, 2024 6.05pm
Price: $12