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Lip Service 3: Live In Concert

Pulsive Party

The vulvas go on a ‘Best-of’ tour, sharing their witty, clitty songs and humour as the most famous band no one has ever heard of.

Lip Service 3: Live In Concert is the third installment of this duo’s journey towards empowerment and self-acceptance. They are older and wiser, but are they any closer to fame? When their world tour turns out to be yet another battle for the recognition they long for, these vulvas must choose whether or not to keep the dream alive.

Lip Service 3 uses play and humour to invite the tragic to be comedic. This show will have you cry laughing at how far we’ve cum (and faked cumming) in the fight for reproductive rights and bodily autonomy for all. Praised for their physical comedy, Pulsive Party uses song, dance, and their signature campy humour to ignite conversations and share sexual health information. Join them for a night of original and parody hits alongside fan favourites of songs and moments from Lip Service 1 and 2.

‘Lip Service 1: Come and get some’ is “A laugh-out-loud celebration of all things vulvacious” - Shawna Dempsey.
5 stars - CBC Winnipeg, 2018
4.5 stars - Winnipeg Free Press, 2019

‘Lip Service 2: Breaking down Barriers’ is the safer sex convo your genitals have been waiting for.
“This should be in every school!” - everyone who saw Lip Service 2, rEvolver Festival, 2023
Event Info
Genre: Comedy, Thoughtful, Silly, Musical, Dance
Duration: 60 mins
Price: $12
Ticket Fee: $3
Show Info
Age Rating: 18A
Access Tip
Sensory Advisories: Haze, Loud Noises
Content Warnings: Mature Language, Sexual Content, Audience Participation
Please note that the Vancouver Fringe Festival does not offer refunds or exchanges.
September 8, 2024 2.00pm
Price: $12
September 9, 2024 5.00pm
Price: $12
September 11, 2024 9.15pm
Price: $12
September 13, 2024 10.20pm
Price: $12
September 14, 2024 8.30pm
Price: $12
September 15, 2024 3.15pm
Price: $12