How to Tame Your Squirrel

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Earl Casablanca the Third is a young squirrel tamer on a mission. There is a growing invasion of Eastern Grey Squirrels that threaten our very humanity.

Conducting a work shop on proper squirrel taming techniques; Earl gives interactive demonstrations and tells exhilarating tales educating the audience and arming us all against the growing threat. Problems arise when Earl's personal life inhibits his efforts. His father arrives making it worse. His grandfather arrives and the tension grows even more! The three generations of tamers along with the whole audience must unite to dispel the Eastern Grey Squirrel threat.

Will they be able to look past there personal issues and unite together? Or will the squirrels take over the show, the city, and the world?
"Bravest Show" — Kamloops Hydra Festival (2022)
Event Info
Genre: Theatre
Duration: 45 mins
Price: $17
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Box Office Info
Membership: All attendees must purchase a 2023 Festival Membership (a one-off $10 fee) before their first show. One required per party member – Free for 13 and under.
Tickets: Limited door sales. Advance online bookings encouraged.
Latecomer Policy: This production does not accept latecomers.
Show Info
Written By: Peter Navratil
Directed By: NAV
Age Rating: All Ages
Warnings: None
Access Tip
September 9, 2023 6.00pm
Price: $17
September 11, 2023 7.50pm
Price: $17
September 12, 2023 7.25pm
Price: $17
September 14, 2023 5.00pm
Price: $17
September 15, 2023 8.20pm
Price: $17
September 16, 2023 3.05pm
Price: $17


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