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Enceladus Walking

Matthew Toffoletto (producer/performer)

Four lectors have come together for a feast: Lector Jubilate, Lector Exultate, Lector Laudate, and Lector Tristate. Many things appear: books, a bird, wine, a strange box, and something they pulled from the ocean. Together to eat, talk, and act out movies, a strange story begins to emerge about love, life, and vanishing things.

Adapted from the dreamy expressions of a previous work, Enceladus Walking continues an exploration of the objects both strange and ordinary that live alongside us. In this iteration, the story explores care and memory as the foundation of being through a key dichotomy of life: language and food.

Can we talk with our mouths full? Can we talk while our hands are busy eating? Can we eat without talking? Can food as an expression of care or chaos be complete without voice or body? Can chicken bones sing?

Our four lectors gather together to answer these questions through the definitive and inalienable companionship of several bottles of wine, a roasted chicken, and a single Dr. Pepper. Through lecture-performance, reenactment, meals both awkward and intimate, and a series of stories about the ocean, this show delves into the human body and its buried roots in hidden places. As they eat and drink, four voices trade off in delivering a lecture on memory, love, and the core emotions: jubilation, exultation, praise, and sadness.
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Genre: Thoughtful, Story-telling, Other
Duration: 60 mins
Price: $15
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Age Rating: 14A
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September 10, 2024 9.00pm
Price: $15
September 12, 2024 7.00pm
Price: $15
September 13, 2024 7.00pm
Price: $15