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Camp Goneaway

Ragamuffin Productions

What's lurking in the lake? Margot and Evie are best friends. When they hear a legendary sea monster is hiding in the depths of their camp waters, they are determined to uncover its secrets. For fans of Gravity Falls and The Babysitters Club Mysteries, this heartfelt campfire jamboree explores the relationship between girlhood and eco-anxiety.

This is a new work from award winning company Ragamuffin Productions: June Bug, FRANK.
Event Info
Venue: The NEST
Genre: Thoughtful, Silly, Musical, Nostalgic
Duration: 50 mins
Price: $12
Ticket Fee: $3
Show Info
Age Rating: G
Access Tip
Please note that the Vancouver Fringe Festival does not offer refunds or exchanges.
September 6, 2024 6.45pm
Price: $12
September 7, 2024 5.15pm
Price: $12
September 8, 2024 5.15pm
Price: $12
September 10, 2024 5.00pm
Price: $12
September 12, 2024 5.10pm
Price: $12
September 15, 2024 6.35pm
Price: $12