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2 Queens. 2 Bars. 55 Years.

Incomplete Productions

2 Queens. 2 Bars. 55 Years.

Two monologues: "I Miss the War" by Matthew Baldwin and "Oh!" by David John Phillips.

1967. London, England. Sodomy decriminalized! Sort of.
Jack, aging tailor to the chorus boys of the West End, remembers the liberating terrors of the Blitz.

2022. Toronto, Canada. Kinky puppies frolic.
Matt, a service bottom with failing knees, remembers the liberating terrors of the Plague.

Recalling hankies and Polari, busbies and chaps, rent boys and faeries, tea rooms and back rooms, love and death, they each bring the past to the present and celebrate the future. Together, a hundred years of queer history in 55 minutes.
Event Info
Venue: The NEST
Genre: Heart-wrenching, Historical, Story-telling, Other
Duration: 55 mins
Price: $15
Ticket Fee: $3
Show Info
Age Rating: 18A
Access Tip
Content Warnings: Mature Language, Sexual Content, Nudity
Please note that the Vancouver Fringe Festival does not offer refunds or exchanges.
September 6, 2024 9.50pm
Price: $15
September 7, 2024 3.30pm
Price: $15
September 8, 2024 2.00pm
Price: $15
September 9, 2024 5.00pm
Price: $15
September 12, 2024 8.00pm
Price: $15
September 14, 2024 8.15pm
Price: $15