Dramatic Works Series – Info and Criteria

The Fringe is proud to announce that we will continue the Dramatic Works Series in 2020!  The venue is the Vancity Culture Lab, and it will be chock full of previously published dramatic plays.  Read below for more information on this exciting opportunity!

The Dramatic Works Series is made possible by the support of Lochmaddy Foundation.



What are Dramatic Works shows?

Sponsored by the Lochmaddy Foundation, this is a Mainstage category completely dedicated to published dramatic works. A Mainstage venue spot refers to shows that are placed in a venue supplied by the Festival, including a technician, basic lighting, and sound. These shows can be from 30-100 minutes in length. In the Dramatic Works category, Artists must be using a previously produced script classified as a Drama by the publisher with 2 or more actors. Artists may not apply with their own script.

Applications are now closed. 

To apply, you will need your contact information, contact information for a secondary contact, and basic information on your script (title, author and publisher).

To view all important dates and deadlines click here.

Application Guidelines

Here are some of the things that differentiate this category from the regular Mainstage category:

  • Artists must apply with a published dramatic script
  • The length must fall between 30-100 minutes
  • There must be two (2) or more actors in the script (no one-man shows)
  • Applications are accepted on a first come, first served basis, pending eligibility

In the Dramatic Works Category, shows are placed in the Vancity Culture Lab, including a technician and basic sound and lighting.  We will accept six (6) artist groups.  Shows can be from 30-100 minutes in length, not including the 15-minute set-up and take-down time. A venue and 5-6 time slots will be assigned by the Fringe, plus a technical rehearsal (up to 8 hours).


  • Dramatic Works Artists will have up to six shows.
  • The Fringe takes measures to ensure that time slots are allocated equitably between groups. Each Artist/company must take their share of off-peak time slots for their performances (generally early afternoon and late night).
  • You’ll be given an opportunity to explain significant scheduling needs or requests, and we do our best to accommodate where possible.
  • If the Artist/company is not available for all 11 days during the Festival, they cannot be guaranteed the full allotment of performances.
  • The Fringe is not able to make accommodations for shows that share actors or other participants.
  • Each Dramatic Works show can request up to eight hours for technical rehearsal, where you can meet the technician you will be working with and run through all your lighting and sound cues.

Fee Structure & Payment

If the applicant is accepted as a Dramatic Works Artist, Mainstage Artist Fees (see below) must be paid within one week of receiving an application approval. Payment instructions will be included in the approval email. After this deadline, accepted artists with outstanding payment will be moved to the bottom of the waitlist, and the first waitlisted artist will be offered their spot. Payment confirms your acceptance of a spot in the Festival.

Dramatic Works Fees
$750 CAD + $55 administrative fee

For BIPOC Artists

We’re offering an opportunity for racialized BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) – with possible BIPOC intersectionality in living with a disability, LGBTQ+, d/Deaf/Hard of Hearing, Blind/Low Vision– Artists or creative team leads* to apply for a subsidy of the full administrative fee ($55).

*We consider a “creative team lead” to be the creator/producer of work, or a team member whose creative leadership is integral to the production of the show. In most cases this person would be the primary or secondary contact listed in your application.

Please note:

  • All fees will be deposited immediately.
  • Accepted companies who withdraw will be refunded (less the $55 administration fee) until the withdrawal deadline of April 1, 2020. After that date and time no refunds will be issued.
  • There will be a charge of $25.00 for all cheques returned with non-sufficient funds.
  • Tickets are sold for $15 inclusive of taxes and fees. The artists get 100% of the BASE ticket price, which is $12 per ticket. Some tickets may be purchased with Frequent Fringer cards, which would have a $9 or $10 payout per ticket.

What do you get from us?

The Fringe provides:

  • The Fringe will subsidize royalty costs up to $200
  • The Fringe will provide mentorship from a Vancouver director
  • A venue equipped with a stage, basic lighting, and sound
  • A technician
  • A technical rehearsal of up to 8 hours
  • A show schedule of 5-6 performances
  • A listing in the Festival program guide and Festival publicity
  • Advance and at-door box office
  • Front-of-house services through volunteer teams
  • Access to the local media list and publicity information
  • 100% of the regular box office revenue generated by the performing company


Applications will open December 13, 2019 on Eventotron.