The Fringe has partnered with The Only Animal to mentor young artists in their exploration of a new hybrid form: Augmented Reality Theatre. Working with The Only Animal’s Artistic Producer, Eric Rhys Miller, and mentors Sophia Dagher and Tricia Collins, participating artists have created short pieces to be experienced using phones or tablets. Each story is discovered by exploring a specific location, and are connected by the theme of “risk.” This immersive, site-specific experience was made possible in part due to the generous support of the RBC Emerging Artists Project, Telus, and the BC Arts Council. The Augmented Reality app was developed by software artist Jesse Scott.

A mobile device will be provided for your experience.
Ticket Price: $12
Venue: Anderson Street Parking Lot, on Granville Island
Schedule: September 10-13 and September 16-19 at 6:00pm, 7:00pm, 8:00pm, 9:00pm


How it Works:

1. Buy a ticket for either 6:00pm, 7:00pm, 8:00pm or 9:00pm.

2. Arrive at the Anderson Street Parking Lot (see Map here).

3. Be given headphones and a mobile device (iPad, iPhone etc.) with a special App already downloaded on it and ready to go.

4. Watch all 7 short videos in one hour.

5. Return your device, and go about your day!

Buy your tickets here!




A Letter Too Late

A Letter Too Late

Lead Artist: Sultan Owaisi
Main Collaborators: Christine Wu, Esther Leung, Ellen Gu, Gwendolyn Loi, Stefanie Michaud, & Kristina Hampton

As the audience discovers a journal, they journey back in time to the 1940s and see Jacob in the middle of a significant moment in his life. They soon meet Sarah and Linda, two women intertwined with Jacob’s story in the past and present.



Cirque Distopic

Cirque Distopic

Lead Artist: Mily Mumford
Main Collaborators: Tricia Collins, Zebulon Zang, Matt Reznek, & Mishelle Cuttler

Imagine a future where being an artist meant enslavement in corporate circuses… Meet two masked strangers as they find each other and hope for a midnight escape.



Exhibit A

Exhibit A

Lead Artist: Claire Love Wilson
Main Collaborators: Minah Lee, Tricia Collins, Michaela Baer, Deneh Thompson, Sophia Dagher, & Mily Mumford

A close-knit group of children experiment with “truth or dare” one summer by the lake. Their wild and meandering impulses lead them into “the clubhouse” where they delve into new realms of bodily and sexual exploration. When “Aunt” stumbles upon their game, shame descends onto the landscape of curiosity and play, and a child becomes trapped within the confines of adult perception.

NOTE: Sexual Content


Leaving the House

Leaving the House

Lead Artist: Amy Dauer
Main Collaborators: Josh Dauer, Lane Kitsul, Eleanor Felton, Jenessa Galbraith, Trevor McMahan, Shelby Dumoulin, & Mikaela Fuqua.

It’s the biggest risk we have to take every day; Leaving the House is an artistic representation of drowning in your own bubble of anxiety—and what gets you out.




Plant promo

Lead Artist: Marcela Amaya
Main Collaborators: Eric Rhys Miller, Remi Sonier, & Tricia Collins

Job. Dog. Girlfriend.  Car. Joe has it all over in the next parking stall.
He’s living the dream in the city!  Enjoying his coffee.
See what happens next.  Just try to look away.
What’s the cost of getting too close?

NOTE: Profanity




Lead Artist: Jess Amy Shead
Main Collaborators: Noah Ferguson & James Coomber

A young person has run away from home. All they have with them is their dog, Marshall (they couldn’t bring Sam because unfortunately, fish aren’t portable).Their childlike ability to make the best out of a bad situation brings a new world to life, filled with endless possibilities, and furry friends. Experience what it feels like to take a stand, make a journey, and have the world celebrate you, for you.


Stall 43

stall 43 image2

Lead Artist: Baraka Rahmani (Kiki)
Main Collaborators: Joel McCarthy, Alex Shamku, Kellen Jackson, & Gabriel Raminhos

Every car has its own story; who it belongs to, where its been, and what happens inside. In the unsettling atmosphere of a parking lot, a red minivan parked in stall 43 shares glimpses of the secrets it holds about the broken family that owns it. A voyeuristic short film about the weight parents’ happiness—or lack thereof—has on their children.

NOTE: Sexual Content


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