Host an Artist, Help the Fringe!

Have you ever wondered what a Fringe artist looks like in its natural habitat? Interested to find out? We need people to open their homes from approximately September 3-16, 2019 (dates could vary depending on artist).

Every year, the Vancouver Fringe Festival welcomes over 500 Fringe artists who put on more than 100 shows. About 10% of these artists are not based locally. That’s 50 artists who need a place to stay! These artists depend on your generosity as hosts. By opening up your home, you allow Fringe artists to continue sharing their craft within a safe and secure environment. And it certainly makes an impact! Fringe Artist Richard Harrington says, “Fringe volunteers and billets are some of my favourite people. I am still friends today with my Vancouver Fringe billet from 2000!” If you are interested in making a new friend, sign up to become a billet host!

When you sign up to be a billet host, we’ll match you with an artist or artists that are suitable to you and your living space. Whether your home has a guest room or a sofa bed, if it’s a loud household, or a quieter one, we’ll find the artist that works for you! And to show our appreciation, billet hosts receive either a Volunteer Rush Pass, which allows free admission into any show that isn’t sold out, or 10 Exchange Vouchers, which are good for any regular Fringe performance in the 2019 Festival. Those are 10 good reasons to sign up!

Click here to fill out the Billet Host application!

And if you have any questions, email Megan at artist@vancouverfringe.com!