December 2018


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Artist Resources

Hey there, Artist!



March 15: Deadline to submit Site-Specific applications.
April 4: Deadline to withdraw. No refunds after April 4 at 4:00pm PST. Email artist@vancouverfringe.com.
April 19: Artist Info Form goes live.
(Tip! If you have any needs or requests about tech needs, scheduling needs, venue preferences, they should go into these forms for consideration. No promises but we do our best!)

May 1: Deadline to submit Artist Info Forms, including print-ready show description, and tech details.
May 17: Deadline to confirm donation to PAL Vancouver
May 18: Deadline to upload Show Image.
May 25: Deadline to apply for Havana Previews
May 29: Publicity and Marketing Workshop – SAVE THE DATE

June 8: Deadline to purchase a Program Guide Ad
June 11: Mainstage Artists receive their venue assignment and schedule

July 11: World Fringe Day
July 16: Deadline to submit UBC Rehearsal Space Application Form
July 18: Fringe For All Signup Begins
July 30: Program Guide Launch Party
July 31: Website Show Info Proofing begins
End of July: Best time to submit your Press Kit!

August 1: DEADLINE to reserve Georgia Straight Ad
August 2: DEADLINE to purchase Tremors Festival Program Ad
August 3: DEADLINE to submit Artist Billet Request Form
August 6: DEADLINE to proof your Website Show Listing
August 8: DEADLINE to submit Artist Rush Pass Request Form
August 8: Tickets Sales go Live!
August 8: Artist Comp Ticket Booking Begins
August 13: Show Report Emails begin
August 15: DEADLINE to apply for The Flame: Fringe Edition
August 15: Soft Deadline to submit your Trailer
August 15: DEADLINE to submit to Fringe Du Jour
August 20: DEADLINE to reserve Electric Company Program Printing
August 22: DEADLINE to sign up for the Volunteer Appreciation Party
August 26: DEADLINE to submit Program to Electric Company for Printing

Sept 4: Box Office opens on Granville Island
Sept 4: Artist Check In Day 1 – 1:00pm-4:00pm
Sept 5: Artist Check in Day 2 – 3:30pm-5:30pm
Sept 5: The Flame: Fringe Edition
Sept 5: Fringe For All
Sept 17: Artist Pay Out 2:00pm-5:00pm
Sept 18: Volunteer Appreciate Party
Sept 19-23: Pick of the Fringe




Artist Billet Request Form – DEADLINE August 3



Website Show Info Proofing Instructions – deadline August 6

Press Kits and Press Releases

Instructions on how to Upload Press Kit:

– Find the Google Drive Folder here.
– Click on the large New + button in the top left hand corner
– Click the first option: Folder
– Type in your Show Title to label the Folder
– Click Create
– Double click on your Folder to open it
– Drag and drop your Press Kit into the Folder!

Silver Fox Postering Deal!

Electric Company Free Program Printing


6 Things That Should Appear on your Marketing Materials


Notes from the Hot Copy Publicity Workshop

Photographers & Videographers for Hire

Social Media Info

Event Listings List

Sandwich Board Guidelines

Postering & Flyering Guidelines

Publicists for Hire

Graphic Designers for Hire

Artist Producer Resource- a great online resource full of checklists, timelines, templates etc!

Printprint.ca $25 off coupon!



Artist Comp Ticket Policies & Procedures

Artist Comp Ticket Booking Instructions



Artist Rush Pass Rules

Artist Rush Pass Request Form – deadline August 8



Show Reports and Price Types



Artist Policies

Box Office Policies & Procedures

Artist Ticket Revenue Info

Artist Sponsorship Policy

Check In and Pay Out

Artist Pay Out Info 

Front of House Policies and Procedures 

Equity Info

Tax Info (Domestic Artists)



The Jessie Richardson Theatre Awards

Artist Info Form Tips

Show Photo Tips

Rehearsal Spaces for Rent 2018

Fringe Awards 2018 – some need applications!








Dates and deadlines from 2017

April 4: Deadline to withdraw. No refunds after April 4 at 5:00pm PST.
April 19: Artist Info Form goes live. Check your email for login instructions!
May 1: Deadline to submit Artist Info Forms.
May 19: Deadline to upload Show Image.
May 31: Deadline to apply for Havana Previews.

June 9: Artists receive their venue and schedule details. (subject to change)
June 14: Fringe For All Sign Up Begins on a First Come First Served Basis
June 14: UBC Rehearsal Space Applications Begin on a First Come First Served Basis
June 27: Deadline to apply for UBC Rehearsal Space (spaces filled on a first come first served basis)

July 4: World Fringe Day Video Submission Deadlines
July 11:World Fringe Day!
Early-Mid July: Billet Applications sent out in an Artist Info Letter
Mid – End of July: Best time to submit your Press Kits to the Fringe – more info coming soon!

August 1: Deadline to Proofread Website Info
August 1: Deadline to get your Posters to Poster Squad
August 1: Deadline to reserve your Georgia Straight Fringe Edition Ad
August 1: Deadline to apply for The Flame: Fringe Edition
August 3: Tickets go on sale
August 3: Artist Comp Ticket Booking Begins
August 4: Deadline to submit the Artist Billet Request Form
August 4: Show Reports Begin
August 4: Deadline to submit the Artist Rush Pass Request Form
Beginning of August: Best time to submit your Video Trailers for the Georgia Straight Website
August 15: Deadline to sign up to perform at the Vollie Appreciation Party
August 18: Deadline to apply for the Artist Risk Award, and the Joanna Maratta Award

September 5: 4:30-7:30pm – Artist Check In
September 6: 2:00-4:00pm – Artist Check In
WEDNESDAY Sept 5: Fringe For All – NEW DATE!!!
September 6: The Flame: Fringe Edition
September 18: 2:00-5:00pm – Artist Pay Out