Artist Info Form Tips

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Please keep in mind that the form will log you out automatically if left for too long, so update it often and keep any long paragraphs in separate documents as a back-up!


The program copy/graphic upload form is where you will be telling us how you want your show information to appear in the program. Your show description is one of the most important pieces of advertising for your show during the Festival. Fringe audiences often base their play choices on how a production appears in the program. It will help you find your audience.

Submit your information exactly as you wish it to appear in the program. We only do minimal editing to make sure it matches our style guide (for example, we use the Oxford comma). This information will be included in the official Fringe Program, so please check it very carefully.

Play titles and company names will not be printed with ALL CAPS, unless you can justify a creative reason for doing so, so please do not submit them in this format. Please do not use any bold or underlining in your program info. Italics may be used to indicate the title of a book, magazine, newspaper, or for emphasis.

Tip on Show Descriptions

You only get a few words in the Fringe program to get people’s attention, so make your show description stands out. Use active verbs, vivid adjectives, and a style that matches the style of the show. Don’t be vague. Don’t be cliché.  Don’t be preachy or esoteric. Don’t describe your show like you’re talking to your English professor; describe it like you’re talking to someone who wants to know why your show is worth their time and money. And for god’s sake, don’t use the term “tour de force” unless a critic has described your show this way—and in this case, use it as a quote. Shorter is always better.

Sample Show Descriptions that Work

  • … promises to slap the funk right off your face, as the polyester duo—and their Swizzle-Stick Dancers—shake their collective booty through a dazzling array of songs, dances, and sketches that will make even your pet rock break out in a sweat!
  • It’s a case of he said, he said … he said. Three friends wake up after a drunken night together and attempt to sort out their stories and their socks.
  • The mother of all monster tales flashes with gore and subtext in a translation as musical as it is moving.
  • Compassionate conservatives stripped naked! Fundamentalism disrobed! Songs and sketches that bare the private parts of anti-choice politicians. Guest appearances by Potty-Mouth Chicken. (Please check your guns at the door.)
  • The iconic and idiosyncratic allure of Marlene Dietrich and Edith Piaf revealed through songs, scenes, and snacks.
  • Banished to the moon, a woman must fill a tank with tears to repent her sins. Is she sorry? She rants, dances, and bares all, laughing through her fall from grace.

Sample Show Descriptions That Don’t Work

  • A poignant exploration of the universal desire for beauty and truth in a world filled with human frailty and tragedy.
  • A one-woman tour de force.
  • A two-person one-act written two years ago while the author was stuck in a small town in Kansas, inspired by her experiences at summer camp while she was a child.
  • Five brilliant, hilarious, must-see vignettes. Don’t miss this show!
  • Comedic, satirical monologue that will make the audience realize what their meaningless life is really about and how to be better people.
  • An adaptation of a very rare publication of a story by some guy you’ve never heard of with a post-modern twist.

Tips on Using Media Quotes

Media quotes can help Fringers decide what shows to see, but don’t over do it. Up to three media quotes are plenty. Do not purely use media quotes for your show description. How are people supposed to get an idea of what your show is about if all you have are quotes saying how great of an actor you are?

Make sure quotes are attributed correctly to a publication or blog. You may quote audience member feedback, but make sure you say that’s who you’re quoting. However, well known media make for more reliable quotes. If a quote you want to use is too long, cut it down. Use ellipses to indicate a portion has been cut, and if you need to change a word, use square brackets to indicate that you’ve changed the quote.  DO NOT submit falsified quotes.  We do check them and will delete them.  Make sure to mark if a review is for a different production so it is not deleted.

Show Length

Your play’s running time cannot exceed your category’s running time (75 minutes for Mainstage/Onsite). It can however, be shorter. Please be as exact as you can with your running time. Once your running time is submitted in the artist info form, it can’t be changed.


If your play includes material or effects that patrons should be aware of prior to seeing your play, please include these items in this section.  Warnings should include things like nudity, coarse language, the use of strobe lighting, or gunshots.