Apply to be a 2018 Fringe Artist

Artist Applications for the 2018 Fringe Now Open!

The time has finally arrived! Applications for the Mainstage Category at the 2018 Vancouver Fringe Festival are now open!

What would your show be about? From left to right: Include fight choreography like in I Am For You? Sketch comedy like in Help! I'm American? Wear wings like in Stupid Cupid? Photos by Michael Levy.

What would your show be about? From left to right: Include fight choreography like in I Am For You? Sketch comedy like in Help! I’m American? Wear wings like in Stupid Cupid? Photos by Michael Levy.

Mainstage Venue spots refer to shows that are placed in a venue supplied by the Festival, including a technician, basic lighting and sound, as well as Box Office services and inclusion in the Fringe Festival Program Guide. Mainstage Artists receive approximately six performance spots, September 6-16, 2018. Apply by Friday, January 26 at noon (Pacific time) by registering at Eventotron. Mainstage application fees are $50. For more details visit the Artists’ page on the Vancouver Fringe website.

And yes, it’s true! The Fringe is an unjuried, uncensored festival. Applications are drawn from a hat! Literally, a hat. That means that everyone has an equal chance! Plus you don’t need to know what your show is… yet. All you need to provide for this application is contact information, $50, and to agree to the terms. If you are selected we’ll ask you for more information. Apply today!

Looking for other ways to be a 2018 Fringe artist? Bring Your Own Venue (BYOV), Site-Specific, and Dramatic Works Series information will be available after the Mainstage Lottery.

If you identify as a woman playwright, consider applying to be part of Advance Theatre: New Works by Diverse Women. Selected plays will be presented as dramatic readings during matinees at the 2018 Festival. For information on submitting, visit Ruby Slippers Theatre. Submissions are due February 15.

Save the Date! Lottery Party is on January 30!

That whole drawing out of a hat thing sounds fun right? Well you’re invited to watch the draw! Join us at the Mainstage Lottery Party!

Be the first to know who’s coming to the Festival. Join us at Studio 1398 on January 30. Details coming soon!

Shantini will certainly be missed at the Fringe!

Shantini will certainly be missed at the Fringe!

Farewell Shantini!

Congratulations to Shantini Klaassen, our outgoing Managing Director, who is taking on the role of Managing Producer at Electric Company Theatre!

Since 2011, Shantini has played an important role at the Fringe. Starting as the Box Office Manager before moving on to Operations Manager, and finally to Managing Director, Shantini made sure the Festival ran smoothly behind the scenes—including implementing accessibility initiatives, building relationships with artists, creating our now annual Fringemas event, fixing our printer (over and over again), and enforcing mandatory fun days for staff. And she even put on a Fringe show herself in 2014 (The Chariot Cities)!

As we said on Facebook, the Electrics are damn lucky to have her!

The Theatre Scene

Just a taste of what Vancouver has to offer in the way of Theatre!

January 17
The Heritage Grill (New Westminster)
2012 Vancouver Fringe Festival hit, winner of the Cultchivating the Fringe Award and the Georgia Straight Critics’ Choice Award, Jayson McDonald channels the bizarre and disorienting use of language that became William S. Burroughs’ signature style.

My Funny Valentine
February 7-18
The Dance Centre
Based on the tragic murder of gay 15-year-old Lawrence King, the critically acclaimed, Jessie-nominated My Funny Valentine examines the fracturing of opinion in the face of this horrendous act and explores the ripple effects of such hate on a community.

Who doesn’t love a dirty puppet show?

Who doesn’t love a dirty puppet show?

Vancouver International Puppet Festival’s HomeGrown Series
February 13-18
Performance Works
In anticipation of their international festival in October, the Vancouver International Puppet Festival is showcasing local talent with their HomeGrown Series including celebrated ventriloquist Kellie Haines’ family friendly A Birdy Told Me So, a co-presentation of Monster Theatre’s award-winning puppet murder mystery Who Killed Gertrude Crump?, and a saucy, naughty night of puppet mischief and mayhem for Valentine’s weekend, The Heart On Cabaret.