Announcing The Third Mini-Fringe Line-up!

Announcing The Third Mini-Fringe Line-up!

Ready for round three of the staggered Fringe Festival? Tickets are now on sale for the third mini-Fringe, coming to you from October 29-November 8! Playing at Performance Works, this mini-Fringe’s shows include a love story in a pandemic, a definition of the self through multiple voices and physical movements, a play based on the stories of land defenders, and a musical about the life of one of Canada’s most famous politicians.

Clever Bird Entertainment Inc.
Vancouver, Canada
Playwright: Alan Bowne
Image Credit: Amanda Waschuk

Beirut by Alan Bowne. 1983. In the sweltering 'hood of Beirut in New York City, Torch is quarantined in detention housing for a nameless, sexually transmitted disease. Blue, his girlfriend, breaks in to be with him, because how can you love someone you can’t be with?

Intense / Naughty / Intimate / 18+ / 70 minutes / Coarse Language / Violent Content /Sexual Content / Nudity / Challenging Content

Digital Fracture: VOICES
Theatre Terrific
Vancouver, Canada
Playwright: Collaborative Director – Susanna Uchatius
Image Credit: Theatre Terrific

Through gesture, recorded audio, and visual media, Digital Fracture: VOICES asks us to step away from the screen and to transition into deeper self-awareness and connection. The Fringe was one of the first festivals to embrace our inclusive theatre company so many years ago, and we are overjoyed to join again at this time.

Musical / Poetic / Intimate / All Ages / 60 minutes / Culturally Diverse
Irreparable Harm? A Tale of the Trans Mountain Resistance
Sinister Sisters Collective
Vancouver, Canada
Playwright: Mairy Beam
Image Credit: Ruth Walmsley

Who is causing Irreparable Harm? Is it the acts of resistance, or the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion? Who decides? The BC Supreme Court wants the job, but is it unbiased? Will a judge listen to land and water protectors? To citizens who believe their future is at stake? This docu-drama shines a light on our justice system.

In Your Face / Intellectual / Shocking / 14+ / 60 minutes / Culturally Diverse
TrudeauMania, TheMusical
Real Money
Vancouver, Canada
Playwright: Daniel K. McLeod
Image Credit: Public Domain

A fast and furious musical trip through the life of former PM Pierre Trudeau. We meet his loves, friends, and enemies and see his youth as a radical Quebec separatist, his arrest at the Asbestos Strike, capture of the Liberal leadership, battle with the terrorist FLQ, and fight with U.S. President Reagan for nuclear disarmament.

Funny / Intense / Musical / All Ages / 75 minutes

Don’t forget to buy your tickets here today. And thank you to everyone who supported us for the first and second mini-Fringes—hope to see you again soon!

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