Announcing Sylvia Ceacero As the Fringe’s New Interim Executive Director

President Claudia Sjoberg and the Vancouver Fringe Theatre Society Board of Directors are pleased to announce Sylvia Ceacero as Fringe’s Interim Executive Director.

Sylvia will lead the Fringe over the next six months. We will continue planning the festival and fundraising activities to support the artists and entertain theatre lovers. She will also assist the board in recruiting a full-time, permanent Executive Director.

Sylvia brings over twenty years of experience as a leader, fundraiser, strategist, coach, and consultant in the charitable sector. She has worked in Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia and has served and serves many organizations, national, provincial and local in a variety of sectors. Her expertise includes offering services to non-profit organizations in strategic planning, operational management, risk management and capital projects management.

Please join us in welcoming Sylvia in her new role amidst an extraordinarily challenging time for theatre!