Advertising Purchase Options

The Vancouver Fringe heard from our artists’ that it is challenging to find effective ways to promote and to expose their shows to more potential Fringe-goers.  The Fringe’s number one priority is always to support artists and help them achieve their ambitions for their work. Last year, we experimented with changes to our advertisement packages and we continue to develop these packages to better serve artists for the 2022 Vancouver Fringe Festival.

To offer more options for artists/organizations to promote their shows, we offer the following advertising choices:




  • Banner ads – $100 plus 5% GST per ad/one time​
  • Content/Article ads $125 plus 5% GST per ad/one time ​
  • 2 newsletters per week; 5 contents per newsletter; 8 content ads’ spots per week available; 6 weeks from second week of August till the second week of the Festival; the Fringe sets up the newsletters and newsletters ads’ schedules; 8 newsletter banners’ ads available per week​
  • Wednesday and Saturday deliver the weekly newsletter


Digital Program Guide​

  • 1/8 size $88 plus 5% GST​
  • Launch date and tickets on sale July 15 (check with the designer and the online platform to insert the link in advance)


Social Media​

  • Facebook/or Twitter Ad: minimum $25 per day (per channel), $12 admin fees (per Ad), plus 5% GST​
  • Create ad campaign through Fringe’s platforms ​
  • The artists choose the dates to launch ads​
  • The artists choose days to run ads​
  • Targeted the page followers ​
  • Tickets link launch on July 15



  • May 23 deadline for newsletter ads, digital program guide, and social media ads to secure spots.​
  • May 30 deadline for ads’ payments​
  • June 14 deadline for ads’ materials​ submission


Ad’s Requirements

  • Newsletter content ads – 250-400 words; No content on the ads’ images (content could include multiples links; one content ad image only accommodates one link)​
  • Newsletter banner ads – 728*90 jpg; Allow to include content on the ads’ images (one link only)​
  • Newsletter Ads buyers can’t pick the promotion dates​
  • $100 or $125 before tax is one time ad (Only run once)


  • Digital program guide ads allow to include content on images​
  • Twitter Ads’ content Only 280 characters; No content on images​
  • Facebook Ads’ description 35-50 words; headline 25 characters; No content on images (1477*1477); Ads goal – Get More Website Visitors​
  • Artists write social media ads’ content and images and submit them



  • The Fringe does Not provide data analytics services for purchased ads
  • The Fringe does Not offer and transfer data to any third party or ads buyers