July 2019


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Advance Theatre: New Works By Diverse Women

at the False Creek Gym (1318 Cartwright Street)

Ruby Slippers Theatre in partnership with Playwrights Guild of Canada and the Fringe will be showcasing dramatic readings of five new plays by Canadian women playwrights. According to a national study, women account for less than a third of artistic directors, working directors, and produced playwrights in professional Canadian theatre. Hence, Advance Theatre! Curated by Ruby Slippers Theatre with priority given to diversity, these five new plays by diverse Canadian women and directed by diverse Canadian women will be presented during the Festival.

The definition of women includes trans women, non-binary, and gender queer individuals on the femme spectrum. The definition of diversity includes cultural background, age, sexual orientation, and physical/mental ability.

Tickets are available at the door only and are pay-what-you-can with a suggested price of $5 to $10. Please note, tickets are CASH ONLY at the door.

Rubby Slippers  https://playwrightsguild.ca/John Fluevog


Vancouver/Montréal, Canada

Playwright: Rébecca Déraspe (translated by Leanna Brodie)
Directed by Leanna Brodie

Monday, September 10 at 1:30pm

Acclaimed Québec writer Rébecca Déraspe tackles female friendship, self-fulfillment, and other stuff that shouldn’t be so damn funny, as Anne’s pregnancy threatens her relationship with her lifelong BFF. How do modern young women negotiate love, ambition, and reproduction? What lines can we never cross, even for a friend?

Gametes, a nuanced text on female fulfillment, examines the force and complexity of the friendships between women ... Intelligent, funny, and moving, the unifying feminism of Gametes avoids the pitfalls of pamphleteering and guides us from the intimate to the universal.”
—Jury citation, Montréal Critics’ Prize for Best New Play of 2016-17
“One of the few times I have ever seen an onstage representation of female friendship that is powerful and true.”—Huffington Post
“Certainly one of the most promising voices of the last decade.” —Les Librairies

Funny / Poetic / Shocking / Multicultural / 18+ • Coarse Language / Sexual Content

Low Vision Friendly

The Ones We Leave Behind
Vancouver Asian Canadian Theatre
Vancouver, Canada

Playwright: Loretta Seto
Directed by Donna Yamamoto

Tuesday, September 11 at 1:30pm

From the writer of the smash hit Dirty Old Woman, comes a new play about the redemptive power of human connection. Abby Chung is tasked to locate next-of-kin for an elderly woman who died without anyone to claim her. But in the process, Abby is forced to face the mystery of her own life—the truth about the father who walked out on her years ago.

Funny / Tear-Jerker / Intimate / Multicultural /All Ages • Coarse Language
Toronto, Canada

Playwright: Suvendrini Lena
Directed by Mindy Parfitt

Wednesday, September 12 at 1:30pm

Rubble is an exploration of family life under relentless siege in the Gaza Strip inspired by the works of Palestinian poets Mahmoud Darwish and Lena Khalaf

Intense / Poetic / Multicultural / 14+ • Violent Content

Low Vision Friendly

While You Sleep
Vino Buono
Victoria, Canada

Playwright: Kai Taddei in collaboration with the original ensemble: Molly Mcdowell-Powlowski, Grace Le, & Christina Patterson
Directed by Karin Saari

Thursday, September 13 at 1:30pm

How do you fight fear—intangible, insidious, and all-consuming? Told in fragments of monologue, spoken word, and scene, While You Sleep follows six dif erent people—a sports reporter, a professional gamer, a politician, an LGBTQ+ activist, an academic, and a playwright—as they try to cope in the wake of receiving death threats.

“[Kai Taddei] is a young new playwright to watch.” —Janis La Couvée, I Have My
Own Life To Live

Intense / Poetic / Intimate / LGBTQ+ / 18+ • Coarse Language / Sexual Content

Speed Dating For Sperm Donors
Sandy Point, Canada

Playwright: Natalie Meisner
Directed by Jan Derbyshire

Friday, September 14 at 1:30pm

Girl meets girl. Girl marries girl. They want to have babies… but they need a little help.

Helen calls Nova Scotia home and Paige is from the south of France. After meeting
at an airport, they uproot their lives for one another, settle in Calgary, and decide
to have a baby together. Thus begins the frustrating, complicated, and straining
journey to find a biological father for their coveted future offspring. Speed Dating
for Sperm Donors
delivers humour, wit, and emotion through high stakes and rich
characters that result in a delightfully heartwarming story.

“Heartwarming fun.” —Jenna Shummoogum, GetDown.ca
“This story implemented so firmly in my mind I completely missed my stop on the
train ride home. I want everyone I know to go and see this play.” —Janine Eva Trotta, Gay Calgary
“Effervescent new comedy.” —Stephen Hunt, Calgary Herald

Funny / Intellectual / Intimate / Multicultural / LGBTQ+ • All Ages

Low Vision Friendly