Low Vision Accessibility


If you have Low Vision and require priority seating, please let our Front of House volunteers know. Our venues open 15-30 minutes prior to show time, and they will provide you with priority access to the venue.



The artists have self-reported whether they consider their shows “Low Vision Friendly,” which suggests their meaning and enjoyment does not depend on visual elements. We invited the artists to provide notes about the accessibility of their show, which are included below. For full show descriptions and tickets, click the show title.




Digital Fracture: VOICES

A large cast show featuring movement, music, voice-over, and projection. The actors move to their voiceovers. The expressive movement is an integral part of the show; however, it is also experienced auditorily through the music, voiceover, and breath/expressive actor sounds.

Irreparable Harm

Docudrama told mostly through narrative by seven actors. Visual projections are used for enhancement, but are not essential to the overall understanding of the show, though some details may be lost.


TrudeauMania, The Musical

The show is a musical mini-biography of Pierre Trudeau. For COVID safety reasons, this is a read/sing through of the script and songs. The singers/actors are stationary and not interacting physically with each other. There is no choreography. The scenes are introduced by song, or by direct address from Pierre or other characters to the audience, or by a journalist describing the events, which makes it easy for the audience to understand the what and where of each scene.