August 2019


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Low Vision Accessibility

The Vancouver Fringe is very excited to partner with VocalEye in order to become more accessible to the Low Vision community. Check out how below!



VocalEye will live describe the following shows for patrons with low vision:

Perv Hunters on Sunday, September 15 at 1:10pm at The Waterfront Theatre

The Robber Bridesgroom: A Grimm Fairy Tale on Saturday, September 14 at 2:30pm at The Waterfront Theatre



If you have Low Vision and require priority seating, please let our Front of House volunteers know. Our venues open 15 minutes prior to show time, and they will provide you with priority access to the venue.



The artists have self-reported whether they consider their shows “Low Vision Friendly,” which suggests their meaning and enjoyment does not depend on visual elements. We invited the artists to provide notes about the accessibility of their show, which are included below. For full show descriptions and tickets, click the show title.




Absolute Magic

This is a magic show, and the performer describes each trick in detail. If he knows there is a person with Low Vision in the crowd, he will even do a special trick just for you! If you would like to participate in this magic trick please let the Venue Captain know upon your arrival.


One Step at a Time

This is a storytelling show.



This show is very text driven. There are a few moments that are visual:
1- In the first scene, when her mom asks her what the problem is, Lucy says “This is the problem” and slams an RSVP card on the table as she continues,”You invited Howard after I told you not to.” Daniel later takes the RSVP card when he leaves.

2- Also in this scene, the mom offers a tray of baked goods (she mentions earlier she is going to get banana bread) to everyone but Grace while having an unrelated conversation.

3- In act 2, Lucy eavesdrops on the conversation between Daniel and Grace

4-In the final moment of the play, Lucy and Daniel are joined on stage by Simon and Grace. Simon embraces Lucy and Grace sits with Daniel.- it’s the last image in the play and basically just solidifies the reconciliation that has taken place.




Vampires in Barcelona

This show is a monologue storytelling show told primarily into a standing microphone. There are a few images projected throughout the piece, but the performer will describe them.


Banned in the USA

This is a storytelling show. At one point the performer holds up 3 posters, which he will describe.


Squeeze My Cans

This is a storytelling show. There are projections used, but they aren’t essential to understand the message.




A Canadian Bartender at Butlin’s

This is a storytelling show.



This show is a biography of Pierre Trudeau, told through song. Each scene and character is described and/or introdued. There are two scenes that may need more description:

Scene 10: Pierre Trudeau is interviewed in public by the press.There are 2 riot police in the scene, and their commanding officer, an Army Major, arrives in the middle of the scene to take charge and begins haranguing them, in a comic relief sequence.

Scene 12: Pierre Trudeau enters Parliament with 3 Pages. Each Page carries a sign telling the backbenchers what to say: “Hear, hear”. “Shame, shame”. “Get on with it”. The rest of the scene is described by Trudeau and sung. All characters (other than the Pages) are introduced by name and title (e.g. “leader of the Conservative opposition”).




No Belles

There is one moment in the show where sock puppets are used to illustrate a relatively complicated part of a story we’re telling. But, the story itself is all told verbally, so audience members should have no problem following along during this section.


The Other Side of the Flood

This is a poetry show, with some of the pieces told over music



(Dramatic readings of new plays)



This show is part of the Advance Theatre: New Works by Diverse Women staged reading series. The actors will stand in front of music stands, and the stage directions will be read aloud.


Speed Dating for Sperm Donors

This show is part of the Advance Theatre: New Works by Diverse Women staged reading series. The actors will stand in front of music stands, and the stage directions will be read aloud.



This show is part of the Advance Theatre: New Works by Diverse Women staged reading series. The actors will stand in front of music stands, and the stage directions will be read aloud.




Big Sister

This is a one-woman storytelling show with little technical elements. There may be one short text message conversation projected, which would then be described.


Forget Me Not – The Alzheimer’s Whodunnit

The show is a murder mystery set on a dementia ward. One performer plays 15 characters who deliver a series of plot flaws, tropes, clues and red herrings.
Coincidentally all of these characters have a British accent. They all sound very different though.
The performer is UK-based comic and poet Rob Gee. Rob spent 12 years as working a psych nurse before becoming a writer and performer.




Martin Dockery: Delerium

This is a storytelling show. There are no props, no set, and no moments that are just visual.


Rocko and Nakota: Tales from the Land

This show is an oral storytelling show, and while the performer acts out the story physically, everything is described through text.


Rachel and Zoe: Uncorked and Uncensored

This play features two girls in their living room, discussing things like relationships, sex and major life decisions. With scenes intertwined recounting moments with past and current lovers.  No projectors or other visual elements are used.




A Sad-Ass Cabaret

This is a storytelling show.


Miyoshi: An RCMP Interrogation

This play is set as an interrogation, and will be Low Vision friendly by nature. There are a few props used in the show, including a prayer rug, a tape recorder and a baseball bat. The show might also feature film stills or footage from two associated films.





This show is in the tradition of storytelling. There are no projections or other visual components that effect the narrative.




A Brief History of Beer

This show is primarily a storytelling show. There is one 2 minute video about 10 minutes into the show, but the Artist will describe it.


The F Words

This show is entirely told through storytelling and song.


Mel Malarkey Gets the Bum’s Rush

This show is very Low Vision Friendly, and has even been into an album for a radio show.




50 Fun Things

All necessary plot and character moments are either explicitly stated aloud or can be easily inferred through scene context.


Flute Loops

Flute Loops is told through dialogue, poetry, song lyrics, and live-looped music.


Awkward Hug

This is a storytelling show that is mostly an auditory piece, that could work as a podcast.
Most of the action is spoken except for the following:
1. The performer says “then he gives me a look” and acts out the expression – which is disappointment/disrespect, it is then described as a look that says “c’mon bro”
2. The performer offers a hug to his mom by opening his arms wide –  after a few moments he says “we hug”.
3.There is a physical part of the show that builds in intensity that the performer also describes in great detail, the text builds in intensity as well as the music accompanying it. As the music becomes louder the movements of the performer become quicker. All of the movements take place within a square of light that illustrates the size of his bedroom.
After the show Cory will be available by the exit of the theatre, please feel free to chat with him after the show and ask any questions that you may have.




The Shape of Things

This show is very text driven.





This is an improv comedy/clown show in the form of a church service. And some audience participation will be talked through. Please let the Front of House team know if you have Low Vision.


Tomatoes Tried To Kill Me But Banjos Saved My Life

This is a storytelling show, and features the performer sitting on a stool storytelling and playing music.


Jem Rolls: I, IDIOT

This is a storytelling show. The performer moves around the stage a lot, but his movements are not integral to the show.


Spinning You Home

This two-hander is essentially story telling. Text-based, the script and, in particular, this production revolve around young Sarah and her Grandfather who learn one another as they bring to life a bizarre and haunting true story of legendary gold miners John Cariboo Cameron and his young wife, Sophia Cameron. Sarah (played by Sarah Roa) and Grampa (Simon Webb) are the ‘spinners’  (story tellers). They will create their own sound effects, mainly vocally. The production will include five simple props. The set will consist of two chairs.




Dyck Spacee – A Spy-Fi Improvised Radio Play

This is an improvised radio play, and the emphasis will be on the performance through the mics. The lights will be very dim, so the focus will not be on the physical actions of the performers.





This play is 95% dialogue driven. There is one part where the lights go out and a character is left alone in the dark for a bit. There’s also a short bit where they thave a garbage fight.