About Theatre Wire

The Vancouver Fringe Festival is all about bringing you vibrant, independent theatre from all over the world.  Knowing that Vancouver has an amazing independent theatre community of its own, we created Theatre Wire to connect you with these artists and productions all year round!

Following the same Mission and Vision of The Vancouver Fringe Festival, Theatre Wire will expose you to a selection of the best independent theatre Vancouver has to offer—from ticket sales and subscription packages to interesting and original newsletter and social media content.

Working closely with amazing local companies, Theatre Wire helps you find tickets to individual performances and discount subscription passes to multiple shows, making local theatre even more affordable… Theatre for Everyone!

Theatre Wire also offers you regular theatre news and insider info through:

  • Sara Bynoe’s Theatre Wire Presents interview series featuring local theatre personalities
  • Bi-weekly newsletters featuring original stories and content you won’t find anywhere else
  • Social media and blog posts that bring you deeper into the local theatre scene
  • The heads-up on local theatre happenings

How can you connect to Theatre Wire? Sign up for the newsletter, follow us on social media, buy a ticket or a subscription!

We look forward to seeing you at the theatre!