WonderHeads want you to Spring for the Fringe

Who doesn’t want their dreams to come true? I’m sure you do!!

Kate-with-MaskDo you know me? Maybe you’ve heard of me or shared some Fringe magic with me? I’ll bet you don’t realize how you’re connected to me!

I’m Kate, from the WonderHeads, and the truth is, know me or not, I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you and other Fringers!

I’m writing to thank you for supporting the Festival and Fringe artists and to ask you to make a Fringe Lover gift to ensure there is always a place for artists like me to perform and thrive!

As a girl with an unstoppable imagination, I thrilled at the possibilities of live performance. I was extra lucky to have a stage performer for a dad! Imagine my wonder knowing he’d been on stage at The Cultch in the 1970s living my dream!

I grew up believing I could work hard, follow my calling, and change lives through art! Instead, I found out that it’s a tough world.

Years of formal study, hard work, and great stage experiences just weren’t enough to allow me to devote myself completely to what I love most.

I kept it up, eventually collaborating with my future husband, Andrew, and we created the WonderHeads. We knew we had something special, but sharing it properly was a scary prospect.

Then everything changed at the 2011 Vancouver Fringe, this amazing Festival that you and other Fringers make possible! Before we knew it, Grim and Fischer sold out its performances! Then it was held over as a Pick of the Fringe! Then it won the Cultchivating the Fringe Award and months later we performed at The Cultch—the same place my dad had performed almost 40 years before!! I felt so proud!

We were finally ready to quit our day jobs to be full time WonderHeads! We never could have taken this leap without you and the Fringe!

The truth is many Fringe shows, not just ours, simply wouldn’t happen without the opportunities you offer artists through the Festival. Please show your support with a Spring for the Fringe donation!

Kate with a future Fringe artist? —Winnipeg Free Press

How many future WonderHeads are out there looking for their chance? I share my story with you because they need your help, too!

Through the Fringe, you make the impossible possible! You can make it all possible right now!

Because of you and other Fringers, the WonderHeads could share our art at the Fringe and my childhood dream came true!

This is the long-term difference monthly donors make! This is the magic top Fringe donors create!

Last year, Fringe Lover donors made this magic happen, covering the basic costs for over half of the Festival’s Mainstage artists! This year, you can do even more!

Also, top donor Leonard Schein and the other “Fringe Match Makers” have returned to challenge you to stretch your support. They’ve pledged to double up to $10,000 in donations!! They’ll match every donation made by June 6 that is:
• From a new donor (or one who hasn’t donated in over a year),
• From anyone who becomes a monthly donor (debit or credit, they’ll match the whole thing!), or
• An increase in last year’s donation (they’ll match the increase!)

Nothing helps artists reach their full potential like the Vancouver Fringe and you are the reason that happens! My story shows that your help can stretch far into the future and change everything!

Please consider making a $100 gift or a $10 monthly gift by June 6
and double the power of your gift!!

(Smaller and monthly gifts also add up quickly—especially when matched!)

The 2015 Festival will be here very soon! Step up and make a difference for Fringe artists and the Festival! Please say “YES!” and bring Fringe magic to all and make dreams come true!!

Kate Braidwood
The WonderHeads

P.S. Don’t forget, if you make a new, increased, or monthly donation by June 6, Leonard Schein and the Fringe Match Makers will double your gift! Nobody else has your power to create the amazing Fringe opportunities!!