More Fringe Shows Are Coming Your Way!

More Fringe Shows Are Coming Your Way!

Today’s performances of Art Heist and the sold-out  Judith Fair: an outdoor variety night marks the end of the September mini-Fringe’s first weekend. But don’t worry: there’s more great shows coming your way that’s sure to give you A Shift In Perspective! Read oto see what are opening this week, and make sure to buy your tickets here.   

The well-loved reading series Advance Theatre: New Works by Diverse Women is back for the September mini-Fringe, featuring five Indigenous women playwrightsBut that’s not all: this year, on top of being presented as 1:30pm matinees from September 14-18 at Performance Works, the plays will also be livestreamed on Ruby Slippers Theare’s Youtube channel!  

Presented in partnership with Ruby Slippers TheatrePlaywrights Guild of CanadaPlaywrights Theatre Centre, and Savage Societythis year’s plays were curated by Fringe alumna Tai Amy Grauman, who you may remember from the 2017 Fringe’s Her Name Was Mary. Learn more about the Advance Theatre shows below, which touch on themes of death, relations, temporality, creation stories, and identity. If you are watching the plays at Performance Works, don’t forget your mask! 

North Vancouver, Canada

Playwright: Yvonne Wallace
Director: Marisa Smith

Monday, September 14 at 1:30pm

A one-woman show about first language reconnection. Aunt Celia, in her final days, refuses to speak English, challenging her niece Margaret to become a fluent speaker of Ucwalmicwts. The Residential School system forcibly took Aunt Celia’s language from her; now, she courageously reintroduces it into her family fabric.

Intense / Poetic / Intimate / 18+ / Violent Content / Challenging Content / Racialized Content / Culturally Diverse

The In-Between Place
North Vancouver, Canada

Playwright: Nyla Carpentier
Director: Nyla Carpentier
Image Credit: Matt Reznek

Tuesday, September 15 at 1:30pm

There's been an accident. Amanda, a mixed Indigenous woman, wakes up in the In-Between Place, a place between the living and the dead. In this strange world, her Ancestors come to her though they are not as she expected. This is a play in development written by Fringe Artist Nyla Carpentier.

Funny / Weird / Poetic / 14+ / Coarse Language / Challenging Content / Racialized Content / Culturally Diverse

Women of Papiyek
Vancouver, Canada

Playwright: Quelemia Sparrow
Director: Quelemia Sparrow

Wednesday, September 16 at 1:30pm

Generations of European and Indigenous mixed-race families lived in Papiyek (now called Brockton Point in Stanley Park) before being evicted from their homes and forced to re-locate. This is the story of three Indigenous women who lived in Papiyek at the turn of the 20th century.

Warm and Fuzzy / Poetic / Intimate / 18+ / Challenging Content / Racialized Content / Culturally Diverse

Turtle’s Island
Vancouver, Canada

Playwright: Brenda Prince
Director: Renae Morriseau

Thursday, September 17 at 1:30pm

Turtle's Island is a one-act comedy telling the Anishinabe creation story of North America, aka Turtle Island.

18+ / Challenging Content / Racialized Content

The Seventh Fire
Vancouver, Canada

Playwright: Lisa C. Ravensbergen
Director: Lisa C. Ravensbergen, Christine Quintana, Laura McLean
Image Credit: Delinquent Theatre

Friday, September 18 at 1:30pm

Set in the present, past, and future, it tells the story of a woman’s return to the Ojibwe community she believes has rejected her. She discovers her destiny is tied to prophesy when she becomes pivotal to the community’s survival.

Poetic / Intellectual / Intimate / All Ages

Richard Lett’s HARD 2 KILL, which opens this Tuesday, is about his journey in surviving addiction, cancer, and COVID-19. Don’t miss out on this show by getting your tickets today! Photo by Bruce McPherson.

And speaking of Performance Works, that’s where you could catch another Fringe veteran’s show—Richard Lett’s HARD 2 KILL! You may remember Richard from the shows Sober But Never Clean in the 2016 Fringe, where he talked about surviving alcohol addiction. HARD 2 KILL is a new show where he talks about not only surviving that, but also testicular cancer and COVID-19! 

“I’m very excited to do this show because I’m fully risking this thing. What I’m doing is that I’m doing it randomly. I’m a slam poet, I’m a musician, I tell stories, I tell jokes—I got so much material, I could do a 12-hour show. I’ve developed a way to get the audience to pick what parts of what stories to hear. The narrative will be different for every show. It’s kinda like a magic trick. And the magic is, I’m a multi-talented guy who feels like risking it all,” Richard shared during the Opening Night: Free-For-All, which you can watch on our Facebook page!    

Sign Up for the Workshops Now

On top of providing an unjuried and uncensored platform where Artists could perform their works in, the Fringe is also proud to give opportunities for Artists and community members to learn from other Artists—and from each other. Don’t forget to sign up for the workshops at the September mini-Fringe, coming to you next week!  

BIPOC Fringe Gathering
Register here

Join us for an online meet-up with past, present, and future BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour) Fringe Artists and community members! Get comfy in front of your computer as you engage in themed questions on how artists have pivoted during COVID, such as:

Some look at this time as an opportunity to view things in less binary ways. For example, losses and gains. How does that statement resonate for you?

How do you foresee a shift in your artistic practice? Or do you?

How can we facilitate a more effective interweaving of traditions, abilities, and cultures in our creative process that support racial justice in terms of belief(s) and behaviour(s)?

Please note that this event is exclusive for BIPOC participation.

Ages 14+
Thursday, September 17, noon-1:30pm
The Hills Have Pens: A Generative Hillside Writing Workshop for Equity-Seeking Artists
Picnic Pavilion / Sutcliffe Park
Register here

Flex your writing muscles by joining Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Director Siobhan Barker and Communications and Outreach Coordinator Karla Comanda for an afternoon of writing by the hillside (or close to it anyway)! Using prompts, Siobhan and Karla will lead participants into exploring themes of isolation, longing, joy, nature, and privilege. Bring your pen and paper, your laptop, or whatever you need to get writing! Bring your own picnic lunch and experience an inspiring writing journey while taking in a little slice of sunshine.

Please note that this event is exclusive for Equity-Seeking community participation (includes BIPOC, living with disability, neurodiverse, LGBT2Q+, low vision, d/Deaf). The workshop will be limited to 15 participants and safe-distancing practices will be observed.

Ages 14+
$0-$20 Sliding Scale
Sunday, September 20, 1:00pm-3:00pm

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There are four barefoot women of different sizes standing and clapping. They are all wearing hospital gowns.

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The COVID-19 pandemic is squeezing arts finances in unprecedented ways. The Fringe has lost thousands of dollars in sponsorship and funding opportunities due to the pandemic. And while we have shifted to ensure that the Festival continues to offer opportunities to our Artists, show producers, and administrators, we want to ensure that it thrives. To do so, we are calling on you to help us Close the Gap!

The Fringe is looking to raise $30,000 to help the Festival succeed in making “Theatre for Everyone” possible for many years to come. Here’s two ways you can help:

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