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Your Fringe for a Day!


A day dedicated to you during the Festival? Sounds like a perfect fit for a Fringe Lover who wants to shout their love from the rooftops—or at least from the curtain speech!

Any person (or group of people) who donate $1500 or more can own their very own day at the Festival—we’ll celebrate you and your reasons for giving all day long!

Make it a party and bring your friends to see some shows! We’ll give you 10 exchange vouchers that are good for one show each!
elaine and russ2
Show your Fringe Love off with a custom, Your Fringe for a Day hoodie or T-Shirt!

Cheer when you hear your name during a curtain speech, and celebrate at the Big Rock Brewery Fringe Bar!

We have started booking Your Fringe for a Day dates! If you would like your own day at the 2017 Festival, let us know by emailing Robyn Kurtz (!

Here are the 2016 Your Fringe for a Day’ers!

  • Diane Kent
  • Russ Miranda and Elaine McRitchie
  • Ken Westdorp
  • Dale Raven North
  • Gareth Duncan
  • Bob and Anne Wang
  • Darsey Meredith
  • Dean Gingrich and Alison Bell
  • Awesome Fringe Technicians
  • Wade Carpenter and Cher Choi

Your Fringe for a Day donation needn’t come all at once—donations can be spread out in monthly payments!

If having your own day at the 2017 Fringe sounds like the best idea ever, contact us at 604.257.0350 (Ext. 107) or email to reserve your day!!

Friday, September 9

Diane’s Day!

Saturday, September 10

Russ & Elaine Day!

Diane Kent first attended the Vancouver Fringe in 2005 to see her nephew in the very Fringey “Three Sisters: A Black Opera in Three Acts”. Impressed by what she saw, she has been increasing her attendance at and donations to the Fringe ever since and encourages you to do the same. Diane would like to thank the artists, volunteers, staff, and Fringe friends for making the Festival such a great experience every year… AND her husband for again making Diane’s Day possible!

Passionate patrons of all things fringy and one of the craziest couples you will ever meet.
Elaine and Russ love everything about the fringe, even the lineups. If you’re ever in need of a lion costume you will find it in Elaine and Russ’s closet and if you’re lucky they will send you home wearing it! Elaine and Russ want everyone they know and everyone they meet to be avid fringe friends!

Elaine & Russ

Sunday, September 11

Ken’s Happy Birthday Day!

Monday, September 12

Dale Raven North Day!

Since being introduced to the Fringe Festival while as a student of Douglas College’s Stagecraft program Ken Westdorp has enjoyed both attending shows as well as volunteering in various capacities. He has actively supported the Vancouver Fringe from its humble beginning around Main St. to its present home on Granville Island where it has evolved into one of the best festivals this city hosts. Besides that Vancouver Fringe Festival he has also attended the Fringe in Seattle as well as in Edmonton where he has experienced many great performances and connected with other volunteers from aboard who help make this unique event happen. Happy Birthday Ken!!

Elaine & Russ
Dale is a former Fringe employee and board member who thinks the Fringe is the best thing that happens in Vancouver all year and is worth sacrificing sleep, relationships, and gainful employment for. She is thrilled to be fringing with her mom and best pal, Betty-Lou, who surprised her with this day as a birthday present, making this September 12th the greatest birthday ever. Dale encourages everyone to see something truly weird this year at the festival, to de-flower at least one Fringe virgin, and to carry on supporting theatre year round.

Tuesday, September 13

Gareth Duncan Day!

Wednesday, September 14

Bob and Anne Wang Day!

You all may have come across Gareth, our dearly departed (but still alive!) Director of Development. Always full to brimming with Fringe spirit and love, and ever seeking to inspire the same in others, this Your Fringe for a Day fun wouldn’t exist without him. We miss each other terribly and so it’s fitting that now he finally has a Day of his own! When asked for a message to you, Gareth told us: “The Fringe is a manifestation of the best in all of us – artists, volunteers, audience members, staff, donors – we make it happen and in that way we realize a better world all around us. So, when it comes to supporting this adventure: if not you, who? If not now, when? Make it happen, Fringers! Donate and join in on this movement for a Fringier world!

Gareth Duncan
Anne always enjoyed theater, but Bob was introduced to the art while he was in University. Since then, he started attending many of the large productions, such as Broadway shows, and Arts Club shows. When he heard of the opportunity to get involved at the Fringe Festival, he was ecstatic! He was delighted to be able to help the local artists in his unique way… by being our Treasurer. He and Anne are now Fringe Enthusiasts, and have discovered the delightful surprises Fringe shows can bring.

Thursday, September 15

Darsey’s Rainbow Day!

Friday, September 16

Fringilicious Day!

Darsey Meredith is deeply interested in the ability of theatre to enhance empathy and understanding – especially through the sharing of new voices and diverse experiences. Even theatre’s portrayals of conflict and misunderstanding challenge us to find ways to improve our communities. Darsey hopes that a “Rainbow Day” will encourage Fringe-lovers to seek out and experience diversity and inclusion of all sorts in this amazing performance environment. Darsey is studying ASL, and is especially pleased that her “Rainbow Day” includes an ASL-interpreted performance of “Does Not Play Well with Others” as a one step towards greater inclusivity. Alison and Dean have enjoyed attending and supporting the Vancouver Fringe. Inclusion, diverse ideas, and artistic development are all parts of both a dynamic community and the Fringe. We hope the Fringe spirit continues to strengthen and grow into the future.

Saturday, September 17

Friends in Black Day!

Sunday, September 18

Wade and Cher Day!

“An assortment of different folks from all walks of life, we come together every year as technicians for the Fringe. We like coffee, snacks, beer, and our jobs. We wanted to feel special, so we pooled our funds and bought a day at the festival.” Thanks to Heidi Quicke, Ryan Yee, Graham Ockley, Krysten Neeson, Kyra Soko, Kaden O’Reilly, Ashley Noyes, Mitchell Ingram and Lukas McCormick for getting everyone together!! Cher and Wade have been hooked on the Fringe since the first show they saw together about 10 years ago. They want to say a quick Hello to all their old and new Fringe buds, and thanks to all volunteers & staff!