July 2019


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The Glamour & the Filth

Your Journey through the Glamour of Opening Night

Fringers posing for the My City Photos wedge wall! Photo by Paul Duchart.

We want you to FEEL IT ALL! And what better way than to kick off the Fringe with a celebration at Opening Night? And the exclusive performance from the wildly hilarious Butt Kapinski is just the beginning!

When you walk through the doors of Performance Works, you’ll be captivated by the Film Noir theme—should you dress the part as a glamorous starlet or the handsome brooding hero in a fedora? We leave that decision in your hands.*

As you make your way inside you may run into your favourite Fringers, including some of this year’s exciting artists. Rekindle a friendship with your Fringe friends or start a new one when you take a photo together at the My City Photos wedge wall.

Riveting conversation will ensue as you and your fellow Fringers sip cocktail samplers from The Liberty Distillery or try the food and drink options, including hors d’oeuvres from Dockside Restaurant and Emelle’s Catering, sliders from The Keg, ginger beer from The Great Jamaican, Pinot Grigio from Barefoot Wine & Bubbly, and various beverages from Big Rock Brewery. And don’t forget to admire the beautiful botanical creations from the Olla Urban Flower Project.

Eventually, it will be time to settle into the theatre where the Fringe’s Executive Director, David Jordan, will be hosting an exciting live auction with just three items to bid on! You’ll certainly have some extra cash since the tickets for Opening Night are only $50 this year! Who knows? You just might win yourself a brand new bike from Motorino or a night with Cause & Effect Circus, the team behind The New Conformity!

How fun does that sound? And that’s all before the featured performance! This exclusive show is not like the other shows at the Fringe, it will be a once in a lifetime, not to missed event! Come join us as we have fun fundraising, partying, and solving mysteries!

*While glamorous outfits and noir-esque costumes are welcome at Opening Night, they are not required. There is no dress code for this party!

Deanna Fleysher, aka Butt Kapinski, Reveals the Filth Behind Opening Night

Classic example of Butt making the audience part of the show! Photo by Nathaniel Mason

Critics and audiences raved about Butt Kapinski during the 2013 Vancouver Fringe—the show won the Volunteer Choice Award and the Cultchivating the Fringe Award. “Kapinski roams the audience and it’s both suspenseful and hilarious waiting to see how the story unfolds,” the Georgia Straight wrote about the performance, which included participation like we’ve never seen. “To say people surrendered themselves wholeheartedly to their roles would be an understatement.”

And now Butt is back to open the 2016 Fringe with an exclusive performance. We asked Deanna Fleysher, the woman behind the Dick, what audiences should expect and just what it is about Butt that resonates.

Fringe: What brings you the most joy in performing as Butt Kapinski?
Deanna Fleysher: The whole shebang gets me pretty fired up.

F: How did you come up with the Butt Kapinski character and act?
DF: We could say that Butt is a glorious melange of film noir, improv comedy, clown, bouffon, childhood speech impediments, Burning Man, literary scholarship, and gender confusion. Or we could say that sometimes you find yourself on a street corner in New York City wearing a trench coat, and you just know.

F: Was there a specific moment when you realized that you really had something good with Butt Kapinski?
DF: From the first moment I performed as Butt Kapinski, I knew I had something good. Then again, every time I am about to go out and perform as Butt Kapinski, I’m convinced it’s a bad idea.

F: In your opinion, why does Butt Kapinski resonate with your audience as much as it does?
DF: People who enjoy Butt Kapinski like film noir, like audience involvement, are interested in gender play, don’t particularly like film noir, hate audience involvement, and don’t give a shit about gender play. It’s a great group, overall.

F: Can you give us some clues as to what to expect from this exclusive performance at our Opening Night?
DF: Butt’s got a big case to solve, and this one involves the filthiest, most perverted, filthily violent filth anyone’s ever seen!

F: We know other Fringe artists will be involved. What can you tell us about that? Who will be joining you?
DF: There are many other Fringe artists involved: local favourites like Tara Travis and Travis Bernhardt, fresh meat like Windy Wynazz and Emily Newton, and international flavour such as The Birdman. Also a youth choir. They may or may not tell me beforehand what they are going to do in the show. They understand the rules of the game, but how they play is anybody’s guess.

F: Finally, how excited are you to return to the Vancouver Fringe Festival?

Experience Butt Kapinski for yourself at the Fringe’s Opening Night on September 6! Buy your tickets now!

Reminder: Volunteers and Billet Hosts Still Needed!

Whether you’re a certified Fringe lover who wants to help out in any way possible, or if you’re just looking for fun ways to get involved in the community, sign up for these opportunities! Hurry before it’s too late to receive all the great perks that come with being a Volunteer—including the amazing perk that’s just been added—all volunteers will get free tickets to see an Instant Theatre show at Havana! Apply now!

Billet Host Form
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The Killer Fringe Bar Lineup!

Skye Wallace

Vancouver’s most entertaining musicians will be gracing the Barefoot Wine & Bubbly Stage at the Big Rock Brewery Fringe Bar this year! Whether you enjoy pop, jazz, rock, folk, funk, or music from around the globe, these artists will bring performances that will certainly appease your musical palate. If you’ve been looking through the Program Guide and you don’t know which artist you’d like to check out, don’t worry! Allow us to point you in the right direction!

Jody Glenham and the Dreamers have developed a reputation around the Vancouver music scene for their unique style. As Beatroute Magazine stated in 2015, “Jody Glenham has never been an artist who has settled into simple musical genres such as folk or country, but has etched her own niche into the side of the mountainous indie rock world.” Come see it for yourself on Wednesday, September 14!

On the following day, Skye Wallace will be gracing the Fringe Bar stage for the first time. Over the past few years she’s found success in adding her own original twist to the revered genre of folk rock, and now she’s coming to the Fringe to perform her very personal songs that make you feel what she’s feeling.

Then there is, of course, Tonye Aganaba, who we just can’t get enough of! We had to bring her back after three years of captivating the Fringe with her soulful and rhythmic sound. She sings the jazz and R&B genres with an authenticity that is seldom found anywhere else in Vancouver, and if you visit the Fringe Bar on Saturday, September 17, you will see why she’s considered “The Queen of the Fringe Bar.”

Make sure to stop by for a drink during the Festival at the Fringe Bar’s new location, Ocean Art Works on Granville Island, and check out the whole lineup while you wait for the Festival to begin!

That Patio Though!: A Dockside Restaurant Shout-out

That patio though!

Dockside Restaurant, a Fringe sponsor for many years will be with us once again to provide their delicious appetizers for the 2016 Vancouver Fringe Festival Opening Night.

One of the most popular aspects of Dockside Restaurant is their patio. The combination of relaxing accommodations, great drinks, and the always beautiful Granville Island scenery has led to the people of Vancouver voting for Dockside for the Best Patio Golden Plate Award five years in a row. Dockside has also won several other Georgia Straight Golden Plate Awards including Best Brewpub and Best Scenery.

In a previous interview, when we asked them what they liked about the Fringe specifically, this was their reply:

We like how unique and out-there some of the shows can be. The Fringe doesn’t try to play to a specific demographic, and certainly doesn’t censor its artists’ material. They look to provide the best shows they can, whether it’s musical, solo performance, more traditional theatre, be it mildly offensive or wildly hilarious. They also go out of their way to provide opportunities for up-and-coming artists to break into a tough industry, which makes for a lot of original shows you won’t see anywhere else.

That’s high praise from a loyal sponsor! We love their praise, we love their patio, and we love their food! Don’t miss out on their hors d’oeuvres during Opening Night on Sept. 6!

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