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Festival Raffle

2017 info coming soon! See below for the awesome prizes that were up for grabs at the 2016 Festival!


The 2016 Fringe Festival Raffle

Grand Prize

A trip for two that offers a fascinating combination of the region’s archaeological and cultural treasures. This nine-day trip, beginning and ending in Lima, takes you through the Sacred Valley and on to Machu Picchu. Retrace the steps of the Inca on a four-day trek along the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu or opt to spend more time in Cusco and take the train up instead. You will be rewarded with stunning views of ruins and cloud forests. Our G Adventures expert CEOs will make certain the first glimpse of Machu Picchu from the Sun Gate will burn itself into your memory. G Adventure Logo

Specific itinerary subject to availability.

Winner: L.D. Matlow!


Second Prize

With its 500W motors and pedals installed, it is classified as an Motor Assisted Cycle and doesn’t require a driver’s licence or insurance. The speed is limited to 32kmh and it can be ridden on bicycle lanes and parked on the sidewalk for free.

The Motorino XMb gives you all of the fun of riding a real motorcycle. It will turn heads when you’re on the road. Bystanders will be surprised not only by its quiet operation and lack of smoke, but by its quick acceleration typically not expected in old time motorcycles.

It is built with a 72V/20 Amp hour battery, state of the art SineWave controller with our proprietary CCT drivetrain, and 12” hub motor more efficient than others. You can travel up to 60km on a single charge of its battery and its range can be increased to 80km with a 25AH Lithium battery. The most significant feature of the Motorino XMb is its look, but the power of the drivetrain is no less impressive.

The 12” motor and matching CCT Sine Wave controller were selected to provide an incredible torque for its 500W motor, 127 Newton/meters, higher than any 50CC gas scooter. That combination makes this bike extremely powerful when riding uphill and also provides quick acceleration.


Winner: Vivian Chen!

Third Price

You and a guest can see as many Fringe shows as you want in 2017 with this Pass!

Winner: Addison Lanier!



Raffle Tickets

$10 for one ticket or $20 for three tickets.

Tickets are available at the Raffle Tent (by the Fringe Box Office), the Big Rock Brewery Fringe Bar, and around the Festival!

Winners will be drawn at Fringe Awards Night, Sunday, September 18 (doors at 9:30pm) at Performance Works (you do not have to be present—we’ll be in touch if you win!).


  • 2016 Fringe Festival Raffle ticket purchasers acknowledge and accept that the companies offering the prizes are fully responsible and liable for any harm, injury, or loss resulting from use and enjoyment of the prize each company offers and that the Vancouver fringe Theatre society, presenters of the Vancouver Fringe Festival, bear no responsibility for any such harm, injury, or loss.
  • Total values of prizes: $9038
  • Winners will be drawn out of the hat
  • Sales cut off date is September 18, 2016 at 8:00pm
  • Tickets may be sold and purchased only in British Columbia

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