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Congratulations to our Pick of the Fringe Winners!

Peter n’ Chris and the Kinda OK Corral

Wednesday, September 17 at 7pm
2013 Canadian Comedy Award Winners and CBC Canada Writes Fringe “Must See,” Peter n’ Chris have been pleasing Fringe audiences for years and the Kinda OK Corral is no exception. (Psst…catch the Peter n’ Chris Fanclub Double Header this Wednesday with shows at 7pm and 9pm!)

“Because Peter and Chris are unafraid, it feels like they’re flying. And we get to fly along, which is a gift.” —Colin Thomas, the Georgia Straight



…didn’t see that coming

Thursday, September 18 at 7pm
Fringe alumni and television and film actor, Beverly Elliot shares personal stories of her journey from gay bars to red carpets.

“A terrific show by an amazingly generous performer. Icing on this cake is her gorgeous voice.” —Jo Ledingham, the Vancouver Courier

Caws & Effect

Thursday, September 18 at 9pm
Mind of a Snail expands on their shadow puppetry repertoire to include puppetry, mask, and original music in this tale told from a crow’s point of view.

“The 45-minute show is dense with ‘wow’ moments. You won’t want to blink for fear of missing one.” —CBC

Dirty Old Woman

Friday, September 19 at 9pm
This star-studded show explores a May-December romance between Nina, an older woman (Susinn McFarlen) and a much younger man (Robert Salvador) with Emmelia Gordon and Alison Kelly as Nina’s shocked daughter and best friend, respectively.

“This is rich territory for McFarlen who not only has great comedic chops but an air of wry wisdom about her…Hot as the sex we’re led to believe Nina is having are the tickets for this show.” —Jo Ledingham, the Vancouver Courier

No Tweed Too Tight: Another Grant Canyon Mystery

Saturday, September 20 at 9pm
Fringe favourite, Ryan Gladstone, is very, very drunk insurance investigator, Grant Canyon, who still manages to get his man—and a few femme fatales as well.

“Gladstone is gloriously gung-ho, in total command of the stage … and a whole lot of fun to watch.” —Winnipeg Free Press

Roller Derby Saved My Soul

Sunday, September 21 at 5pm
A shy comic book geek finds herself through one of the fastest growing, female dominated sports out there: roller derby—which is under consideration for the 2020 Olympic Games.

“Kenny is a charming performer, easily morphing from mousy to mouthy as her characters require. … Roller Derby is fun.” —Colin Thomas, the Georgia Straight