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Putting the Rumours to Rest

Yes, Tickets Are On Sale Now!


Looking forward to seeing shows at the Waterfront Theatre during the Festival? You can get your tickets now! Photo by: Brenda Tsang

Looking forward to seeing shows at the Waterfront Theatre during the Festival? You can get your tickets now! Photo by: Brenda Tsang

You might want to take a seat because we’ve got some exciting news that’ll sweep you off your feet! You’ve probably been hearing rumours about how tickets are on sale for the 2016 Vancouver Fringe Festival for only $14. Well guess what? The rumours are true! Festival tickets are now on sale! But don’t feel excluded if you’re a little bit frugal, because we also have tickets for select shows that are available at half-price!

Now, some of you might be thinking “Gee, I do like saving my money… but I also want to see a whole boatload of Fringe shows! What should I do?” Well don’t you worry, because we’ve got just the solution! Get yourself a Frequent Fringer Card! Those sons of guns offer a great value. But Frequent Fringers come in limited quantities, so get your four, 10, or 30 performance pass now!

Don’t forget, everyone needs a Membership to attend shows at the Festival. You can add a Membership to your ticket purchase online or get one at the venue starting 45 minutes before showtime.

Tickets and Frequent Fringer Cards are available for purchase online now.

Don’t hesitate! Get your tickets today!

Program Guides Now Available!

Our Program Guide is out! We would like to thank the wonderful people at St. Bernadine Communications for their part in creating the amazing cover artwork. Specifically, we want to thank Alastair Bird for his photography, Steve Pinter for his retouching, Tara Travis for being our cover model, and thanks to our poster model, Harrison Mooney, who you’ll be seeing round town soon!

We asked Sarah Wells, a writer for St. Bernadine, to comment on what the cover artwork was meant to convey, and this is what she had to say:

“This year’s campaign brings to life the idea that the Fringe Festival, with its diverse lineup, will make audiences “Feel it all.” In this surreal visual, the Fringe is represented by a hand moving marionette strings to illustrate some of the many emotions one might experience as a Festival goer.”

As for inside the Guide, Lead Designer, Vivian Chen has been working hard since May. “The challenge was finding a way to have all the information [in the program guide], within an organized format that’s easy to read,” she noted. This was no easy task as this year’s Fringe will be presenting a record 110 shows.

You’ll be able to find the Guide at select Blenz Coffee locations and other Fringe friendly businesses around town. Check out the map here to find a location you, download the (large) file, or view it online.

We hope you enjoy all the hard work put into this project! Now all that’s left is to do what the program guide says and FEEL IT ALL!

Celebrating the Program Guide with a Launch Party!

Fringe Fans with their freshly printed Guides! Photo by: Bruce McPherson.

If you didn’t make it to the Program Guide Launch Party on July 28, then you definitely missed out! After wrapping up the AGM, people stayed to enjoy a wonderful evening of games, food, and laughter… and that was all before Jimmy made an appearance!

As Big Rock Urban was serving some of their delicious pizza, we kicked things off with a fun game of Fringo, a great interactive game that had participants meeting many new people! Looking for a fellow party goer who, for example, “plays the ukulele” or “has never been to the Fringe” sparked interesting conversation throughout the party. Plus, tickets to the Vancouver Queer Film Festival and Theatre Wire shows were up for grabs! Deborah Loren and Elaine McRichie tied and decided they’d share the winnings!

Then, our MC and Executive Director, David Jordan, officially introduced the Program Guide to the public. David also brought up Debby Reis, our Communications Director, and Vivian Chen, our Lead Designer to speak on the process of creating the Program Guide. A “scavenger hunt” ensued with people scouring their guides to match clues like “Siamese twins” to the correct page number (p. 58). Don Wright found the most, taking home a specially made, embossed Fringe water bottle!

Those who attended (and those who were following the live tweets) know what an awesome time it was! Thank you to everyone who came out!

Report: the 2016 AGM

From left to right: Andrew Westman, Bob Wang, and David Jordan, presiding over the AGM. Photo by: Bruce McPherson.

On July 28, members of the First Vancouver Theatrespace Society met for the Annual General Meeting at Big Rock Urban Brewery.

The Fringe’s Executive Director David Jordan reported on the past year, including the introduction of new year round staff, including Robyn Kurtz, Director of Patron Development, and Cherine Amr, Sponsorship and Development Manager. Robyn and Cherine are filling the rather large shoes left by Gareth Duncan, who after seven years of growing the Fringe’s donor program has moved on to the Lions Gate Hospital Foundation. Gareth will be lauded with a Your Fringe For A Day during the Festival. Shantini Klaassen is now our Managing Director, a new title to reflect her new responsibilities tied to delivering our new and existing programs. David also commended Jess Amy Shead, a “unicorn” of seasonal staff, who returns to the Festival for a third year as Artist Services Coordinator.

Andrew Westman, the Society’s Board Chair, welcomed new board members, Bob Wang (our new Treasurer), Gerry Keane, Leslie Carty, and Claudia Sjoberg. He also bid a fond adieu to outgoing board members Karen LeClair, Jane Westheuser, Lianna Walden, and Beverley Kort. We thank them for all the time they dedicated to the Fringe over the years and we’re certain they’ll continue Fringeing with us long into the future.

Members then reviewed the Financial Statements, which include a planned deficit to cover the cost of implementing the new year round program Theatre Wire, a program that is expected to cover its own costs within a few years.

Finally, board member Nancy More presented the Special Resolution, which included a name change, from the First Vancouver Theatrespace Society to the Vancouver Fringe Theatre Society, as well as amendments to our bylaws and constitution, to ensure that the Society is compliant with the new Society Act. The motion passed!

If you missed out and want to make sure you vote in next year’s AGM, make sure to purchase and activate a Membership for the 2016 Fringe by filling in the form and dropping this off at any venue or the Fringe Box Office during the Festival. We’ll be in touch to let you know when next year’s AGM is.

The Fringe and Blenz: The Perfect Marriage

Yes, that’s right people. The time has once again come to give the biggest of shout outs to Blenz Coffee, who serve as the main distribution point for the 2016 Vancouver Fringe Program Guides. But, what is it exactly that makes the Fringe and Blenz keep coming back to each other year after year? Well, obviously there’s the fact that sipping on a latte at a Blenz Coffee provides the perfect setting for reading through the Guide—but both of us also really, really love people. Anyone who has read either the Blenz or the Fringe‘s “About Us” webpages knows this to be true. Another thing that we appreciate about Blenz Coffee is that they think outside the box! Did you know that Blenz Coffee trademarked the name MatchaLatte and that Blenz was the first coffee shop to introduce matcha lattes to Vancouver? Crazy, right?

We think it’s the perfect marriage, don’t you? Click here to find a Blenz Coffee distribution point near you! In the meantime, test your coffee knowledge with this fun Blenz Coffee quiz!

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