December 2017


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Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion at the Fringe

The Vancouver Fringe Theatre Society has a Vision of Theatre for Everyone, but we know that we’re not there yet. The theatre community is rallying around conversations about equity, diversity, and inclusion,  and as producers of an un-juried, uncensored festival, the Fringe is uniquely able to offer space and support to emerging artists from diverse backgrounds. We know that not all voices are heard and not all members of our community are represented on Fringe stages and we’re committed to making equity, diversity, and inclusion a priority at the Fringe.

Gavin Kade of ShapeShift Arts speaking at the 2017 AGM. Photo by Carlos Santos.

What we have done:

Starting in May of 2017 we partnered with ShapeShift Arts. lee williams boudakian, Anoushka Ratnarajah, and Gavin Kade went to work speaking with staff, board, community members, and artists of all backgrounds. They conducted interviews, surveys, and focus groups to find out who we’re not seeing on Fringe stages and why.

With a detailed report and recommendations from the team at ShapeShift we now have new insights on the work we need to do to increase equity, diversity, and inclusion at the Fringe! We’re excited to take on a leadership role in Vancouver and the Fringe community to build new relationships.

What’s next?

We will be transparent with our plans for the future. If you’re interested in next steps please subscribe to our newsletter, and follow us on Facebook , and Twitter for the latest Fringe news, including an exciting future that will bring us closer to our Vision: Theatre for Everyone!