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You make the Festival happen!

Without the magic that the Festival and Fringe artists bring, life can be a dreary, solitary struggle.
Only the love and support you and other Fringe Heroes bring them can help save us all from a life of mediocrity and loneliness!

Since Fringe artists get to keep 100% of the base ticket price revenues, your investment makes a huge difference.

The Vancouver Fringe Theatre Society runs the Fringe Festival and Theatre Wire and is a registered not-for-profit charitable society (Charitable tax #11891 9547 RR0001).


Be an Individual Fringe Hero!

Are you a Fringe Hero, yet? Be a Fringe Hero and make the world a better place! Your donation makes a difference—it’s an investment that brings more theatre for everyone!

  • Give an annual gift!
  • Donate monthly
    Even better, just fill out and send in the form for monthly debit donations or click here to set up a monthly credit card donation—so easy!
  • Become a Matching Hero
    Inspire new Heroes to give and current Heroes to increase their gifts!
  • Become a Fringe Superhero
    Go for the glory of having your own day at the Festival! or
  • Join the Fringe Immortals
    Leave a Fringe Forever legacy for future generations and future Festivals through a bequest or other planned gift (contact Robyn for details)

Email or call us (604-257-0350 (Ex. 107) if you’re having any trouble!


Be a Corporate Hero!

Is your company a part of the Fringe community? Should it be? Be a Business Hero with a corporate gift or match the gifts of your employees or other Fringe Heroes and be a Matching Business Hero!

Whatever way you donate, you’ll invest directly in a better world. You’ll join and connect with the ever-loyal Fringe community, inspiring them to follow your lead, support the Festival, and love you just like they love the Fringe! (Contact Cherine for details)

Wait! Do you want to give something over $1,500? You’re in sponsorship territory.

Support the Festival Campaigns!

Flaunt Your Fringe! Flaunt your love for the Fringe and top-up your advance ticket purchase with a gift. You’ll get a nifty button so you can flaunt your support everywhere you go!

Your Fringe For A Day! Want to do more? Want more fame than even a Fringe Hero enjoys? How about a whole day dedicated just to you during the Fringe? Any individual or group of friends who donates a minimum of $1,000 to the Fringe can OWN a day of the Festival. You get to fund most of a Mainstage artist’s entire run and we proclaim your awesomeness all day long!… and your entourage can come see some shows together.

Fringe Executive Producer Cover the complete basic costs of a performance, a weekend run, or an entire venue. Gain fame and a puffy chest knowing how your support helps the Festival!


Become an In-Kind Fringe hero!

A little strapped for cash, but still want to make a difference? The Festival also needs stuff, like computers for seasonal staff and supplies for the Volunteer Centre, to make it smooth and awesome for you and the artists. You can become one of the So Kind, In-Kind Friends of the Festival and Fringe artists and meet their non-monetary needs!


To our especially supportive Fringe Lovers and So Kind In Kind Friends:

Thankyou!Thankyou!Thankyou!Thankyou!Thankyou!Thankyou!Thankyou!Thankyou! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO


signifies a long-term donor of five years or more!
Gift with a bow signifies a new donor!
starticketsignifies a Theatre Wire Super Subscriber!

Fringe Match Makers!

We have moved our yearly matching campaign to the fall (Fall for the Fringe, sounds great doesn’t it?!?) and as such we are still looking for a few awesome Fringe Match Makers! These philanthropic Fringe Lovers will challenge new donors to donate and renewing donors to increase their donations or convert their annual donations to monthly support. We’re hoping to have $10,000 in match maker pledges to start our Fall for the Fringe campaign in early fall 2016!

So far these wonderful Fringe Super Lovers are:

  • Leonard Schein & the Schein Foundation
  • Peter Austin, Property Tax Consultant
  • Alison Bell & Dean Gingrich
  • Ann Harvey & Don Gardiner
  • Susan Freedman & Bill Galloway

Would you like to become a Fringe Match Maker? Please email Robyn at and we can talk about how your gift can make double the impact!

Our One True Love (this year’s top donor):

Kevin Campbell & the Lochmaddy Foundation!!!

Soul Mate
Hot Lava Lover ($500+) Going Steady
Geoff Bannoff
Wade Carpenter
& Cher Choi
Dean Gingrich
& Alison Bell
June Harrison
Elaine McRitchie
& Russ Miranda
Steven Hanju Lee
Lightburn Family Fund
Gift with a bow Betty Lou North
Tom Paolucci
& Pete Emrick
Leonard Schein
& the Schein Foundation
RBC Foundation
Jim Sibley
& Amanda Bradley*
Claudia Sjoberg
Sharon Sutherland
Gift with a bow Bob Wang
Ken Westdorp
Jane Westheuser & Chris Plagnol starticket
Austin Property Tax Consultants
Leslie Carty
Susan Freedman
& Bill Galloway
Ann Harvey
& Don Gardiner
David Jordan
& Bethan Stewart
Robyn, Jason, Ayden & Fin Kurtz
Bruce McPherson
Joanna Maratta
& Mardie Mason
Nancy More
Tory Ross
Gift with a bowJohn Sullivan
& Keith Martin Gordey
Veronica Maynard
Julia Stewart
& John Stewart
Kenneth Westdorp
Don Wright
& Deborah Loren
Judith Robitaille & Ole Syberg
Carolyn Heller & Alan Albert
Gift with a bow Benita Ceresney
Bennett Chin
Charles  Cook
Kathy & Al Costello
Helen Davis
Peter Dickinson
Clive Duncan
Regina Gorodetsky
Dr. Jane Harris
Neil Jones-Rodway
Liam (The Great) Kearns
Diane Kent
Karen LeClair
Tom MacGowan
Gift with a bow Lukas  McCormick
Gerry Murenbeeld
Susan Ogul-Propas
& Lonnie Propas
Gift with a bow Vixn Przybysz
Brian Rowland
Joan Sangster
Robert Spooner
*In memory of Mollie Bradley
Sweetheart ($100+)
Darren Ainsley
Gift with a bowKeith Alessi
Jim Anhorn & Patricia Walberg-Anhorn
Barbara Bernhardt
Nancy Barker
Gift with a bow Robert Bartkus
Alex Buchner
Gift with a bow Sheila Butt
Judith Coffin
Gift with a bowElizabeth Dahlstrom
Jackie Day
Miranda Duffy
& Sean Vanderfluit
Gareth Duncan
Kate Gole
Ronda Green
Maren Hansen
& Andrew Westman
William Hay
Nannette Henderson
Kristin Helgason
Jane Heyman
Mathew Hill
Gift with a bow Angela How
Gift with a bow John Holland
Gift with a bow Bill Hubbard
Gift with a bow Jeff Ilich
Gift with a bow Mitchell Ingram
Shaun Jackman
& Elizabeth Kirkland
Neal Jennings
Gift with a bow Darren W Joe
& Jim Jordan
Gift with a bow Gerry  Keane
Steph Kirkland
Sue Kingsley
Angela A Konrad
Beverley Kort
& Ray Schachter
Gerald Kowalenko
Steven Krajnyak
& Shantini Klaassen
 Shannon LaBelle
& Kevin Forbes
Carolyn Jane Lymn
 Darby Honeyman
Gift with a bow Robert  Kaiser
Gift with a bow Kate
& Dustin Ladyshewsky
Jo Ledingham
Jan MacLellan
Laurel March
 Matthew Minson
Patricia Mitchell
Laura Moore
Gift with a bowKrysten Neeson
Linda Netherton
Janet Neufeld
Gift with a bowGraham Ockley
Gift with a bowKaden O’Reilly
Gift with a bow Brian Paterson
Diane Pfingsttag
 France Perras
Gift with a bow Heidi Quicke
Carolyn Railton
Debby Reis
Diana Sandberg
Ellen and Bill  Schwartz
Anthony Sharman
Kathryn Shaw
 Stephen Silverthorne
& Siobhán Quinn
Gift with a bowKyra Soko
Bob Symington*
Gift with a bow Judith Tait
Telus Charitable Giving Program on behalf of two awesome (anonymous) Telus employees!
Jane Westheuser
Katia Tynan
Julia & Doug Wallis
Deborah Williams
Gift with a bowJacqueline Wilson
Gift with a bowRyan Yee
Gift with a bowAnand Zaveri
 *In memory of Cheryl Innes
Fringe Fling ($50+)
 Ardis Nelson
Gift with a bow Ella Batten
Gift with a bow Susan Biddle
Gift with a bowSharon Bliss
Gift with a bowGordon Briggs
Odessa Cadieux-Rey
Patricia Chu
starticket Vince Chura
Karen Chan
Gail Cryer
Gift with a bowSonja  Cvoric
Kiersten Eis
starticket Linda Gilbert
Gift with a bow Elizabeth Holt
Lady Jennifer
Kristen Johnson
& Paul Campbell
Gift with a bow Martha Joy
Maureen MacDonald
Shona Miko
Gift with a bow Ashley Noyes
Regina Ogmundson
Valerie Prodanuk
Raymond Schater
Natalie Schreiber
Cindy  Reid
Gift with a bow Leah Ringwald
Gift with a bow Mark Tanner
Gift with a bow Amanda Tipper
Glenn Mair
Jerry Wasserman
Gift with a bow Maureen Wicken
Gift with a bow Kaan Williams
First Kiss ($25+)
Gift with a bow Pat Atherton
Karen Bartlett
Gift with a bow Sonja  Berggren
Genny Bourdages
Gift with a bow Suzie  Boss
Gift with a bow Richard Coffin
Gift with a bow Ariane Colenbrander
Mary Davis
Mark Dumez
Gift with a bow Melissa Crenshaw
Gift with a bow Richard  Coffin
Gift with a bow Cynthia Flood
Ruth Stewart
Gift with a bow Susan Gerofsky
Gordon Grant
Amy Gyoba
Gift with a bow Jim Harris
Jim Henderson
Gift with a bowNanette Henderson
Gift with a bow Wendy Hunter
Gift with a bow Brian Jones
Gift with a bow Maria Kelly
Dr. Debbie Lee
Gift with a bow Ben Logan
Gift with a bow Melissa MacKay
Fiona Mackay
Dave Mackinlay
Emma MacFarlane
Gift with a bow Marilyn  Mann
Gift with a bow Ka-Ling Martin
Gift with a bow Joyce Michelson
Joyce Murray
Gift with a bow Tracy Lea Ogden
Brian Phillips
Gift with a bow Stephen Peters
Gift with a bow Kate Semple
Gift with a bow Sally  Schreiber
Dania Sheldon
Leslee Silverman
Marylee StephensonGift with a bow Timothy  Tomlinson
Gift with a bow Penny Thompson
Gift with a bow Mavis Tsui
Craig Withers

So Kind In Kind Friends 2015-2016

You’d think that all we need is love and money!… But these special folks understand that it also takes STUFF to run a festival! Donations of useful items like computers, paper, and bar fridges, are known as “in kind” donations. Gifts to the Fringe of such treasures are known as “so kind in kind” donations! As these gifts are usually under $1,500 in value, we separate them from our larger corporate sponsors. We love you, too!!

Humans Businesses
Tracie Collignon
& Dockside Restaurant staff
Tracy Georgelin
Simon Trevelyan
Arts Club Theatre Company
Arts Umbrella
Big Rock Urban Brewery and Eatery
Cookies By George
Costco (Downtown)
Original Cupcakes (Cupcakes on Broadway)
Dockside Restaurant
Duso’s Italian Foods
Firehall Arts Centre
Gateway Theatre
Instant Theatre
Lee’s Donuts
Muffin Granny
Origins Organic Coffee
Pacific Theatre
Preferred Interpreters
S.T. Legacy Group
Semperviva Yoga
Terra Breads
The Cinémathèque
The Great Jamaican
Vancouver International Improv Festival
Vancouver Opera
Vancouver Symphony Orchestra
Vancouver TheatreSports League